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Friday, April 24, 2009

18-Time Drunk Driver Finally Jailed In Wisconsin

When you see a guy like this you say to yourself "how many chances at drunk roulette must society play with any person no matter how grandfatherly or whatever the person may appear, he's a killer waiting to happen". There's no worthy excuse for this lackadaisical approach to drunk drivers in today's society except do gooders who complain they are "just sick and can be cured". Bullshit.

Throw them in jail and they sober up a lot quicker than they do attending AA meetings once a week by judges order, which they shouldn't be allowed to do unless they go there on their own, otherwise they pollute the program by sending people there who simply want their driver's licenses back, which ruins it for the people that got there on their own to really get sober.

How does any judge and or prosecutor sleep at night knowing they let a drunks like this roam the roads after the second or third apprehension, this guy in particular where 18 times it took to get him in jail fortunately without killing someone along the way.

This alone shows the ignorance that fills our statehouses and congressional chambers from coast to coast. How someone like this is released again again and again in this day and age is an abomination to say the least.

Well at least the people of Wisconsin have one less dangerous thing to confront each time they take to the roadways to get wherever it is they are going without being killed by some sick selfless drunk like this guy who's now been sidelined at least for a while.

Newsradio 620"Authorities say Clarence Gage is Wisconsin's worst drunk driver, and he's telling his story for the very first time from behind bars.

Every year 40,000 people are arrested for drunk driving in Wisconsin. For many it's their third or fourth time.

But Clarence Gage is an old pro. He's been caught driving drunk 18 times! continued


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  1. How many times was he pulled over on a snowmobile?

    If they wanted to get rid of drunk drivers, they would give you one warning and take away your license for life the second time. The government makes too much money from drunk drivers to be really concerned for the safety of others.

  2. "How many times was he pulled over on a snowmobile?" That's a good question Clay although after 14 times I'd say this guy belongs where he is.

    I give anyone one or two as I myself made the mistake in my twenties when laws weren't as strict as they are now yet after my second one as I was playing in bands at the bars late nights during that period and I quit drinking entirely before I killed someone or myself...


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