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Friday, April 17, 2009

1 Million In 50 States Ignored / The Day The Free Press Finally Died

They've been sick since the George Bush /Dan Rather National Guard scandal that cost Rather the tail end of a career and now after the 2008 election has now sucked the lifeblood out of the media completely. They've abdicated their main responsibility to the country and have now died.

That alone shows the serious danger this country is in while inching closer and closer to the possibility of an an armed revolution or even civil war coming up the short dead end road. Particularly as the liberals in power quickly run the country into the ground and their followers stand right besides them headed over this cliff right staring them right in the face they keep ignoring

When you have a million people who likely pay a damn good portion of this country's bills being ignored our pleas and anger will grow, of that you or they can be assured. And with the MSM going AWOL, the portion of the American public they took a giant dump on that day will soon be taking their vengeance out on the media by canceling cable subscriptions, even more switching to Fox News and staying far away from Hollywood's trash more than ever.

We'll see exactly how long they stay in business catering to less than half the population of this country, particularly the harder working and better off half, I'll tell you that much.

Who do you think pays the freight in this country? These morons ?

Or these civilized people who have kept their anger in check for a long long time and then when finally pushed to the brink came out in respectful and most of all law abiding and peaceful throngs and yet were mocked and ridiculed if not entirely ignored

Well just you wait when we people start talking with our wallets and then when that doesn't work we just may have to give brainless "Janet from another planet" Napolitano and company something really to worry about when the 1 million grows to 10 million to 50 million and we really get pissed off.

Like this woman who had enough of this troublemaking CNN Whore who's now a national parriah for embarrassing herself so thoroughly on Wednesday you can see here if you missed it though part of it is contained in the video embedded here..(last video on the page) But this fiesty Chicago woman who told that liberal bitch were to go and how to get there.. Bravo l

You can find a goldmine of info on the originating blog which is Founding Bloggers who filmed the episode right after the offensive CNN report and they will point you in the direction of Michelle Malkin of coarse who also has been all over this story as usual like Barney Frank on a San Fran bathhouse's last jar of KY..

She has a great syndicated column up today across the country rounding up round one of the new chapter being written across America this week called America's conservatives take back their country from the filthy gutter.

1 million attend tea parties in 50 states:

"An estimated 1 million Americans participated in at least 1,000 tea parties, according to reports by organizers tabulating the nationwide numbers, with documented protests held in 50 states.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform told WND, 'The Obama administration has awakened a sleeping giant.'

Tax Day Tea Party national event coordinator Amy Kremer told WND she has confirmed that more than 850 parties took place. She has at least 100 more reports in her e-mail inbox that have not been posted.

Asked how many people attended the events, she responded, 'I would estimate it at over 1 million. I'm waiting on more numbers to come in from organizers right now. I can tell you it is absolutely over 750,000 right now.'

The largest protests occurred in Atlanta, Ga., with 15,000 participants. As many as 10,000 protesters participating in Sacramento, Calif., and Overland Park, Kan., according to data compiled by Americans for Tax Reform on more than 207 tea parties." continued

Reader and fellow blogger friend Chris from Elephants are people too attended the event in her city of Houston and has a great post there including some great pictures including this hilarious but true signage.....

Then we add our friend Red to the list of Lady Patriots who joined the fray armed with her 21st century dagger and shield and here's her recollection of the day's event's in a fine slide show you can click the pic and see for yourself, all 224 of them minus this message to the morons on the hill.

Another friend and patriot blogger named OPUS from MAinfo also joined in Wednesday to have her say loud and proud along with the million who showed up who again the MSM chose tp ignore and mock all week long. A mistake they will regret on the unemployment lines they will all soon be in to which I will personally take glee in seeing after their attacks, they can all go to hell and I'll help them get there sooner if I can, cowardly morons and momo's they are...

Click the pic below to see Opus' MAinfo blog and pictures from the day...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Winston-Salem, NC Tea Party: 2,000 people at last tally (those who were 'registered' - but our venue was accessible from all directions, so many people were in attendance who weren't counted. Come take a look @ the pics. if you like.

    Thank you for posting this about the Susan Roesgen coverage. The MSM has not been just dismissive, they've been deliberately condescending & antagonistic (& becoming offended when people get upset). They've also sunk to a new low w/ the sexually explicit insults/comments made on MSNBC by David Shuster & then CNN's Anderson Cooper. Disgusting & very, very offensive. You're right. Free Press Journalism has indeed died.

  2. Thanks you Susannah and I'll come over and add your city to the collection here for posterity and to people who missed Winston Salem's contribution...

    This I hope and pray is the new Awakening and the conservatives will no longer stand silent as most have out of civility, respect for others and the country until now we must speak out and loudly....

    That CNN woman should be fired and I've written the CEO a few times about this with my posts here as if he's listening I'm sure...yea right

  3. OOPS, forgot to ask you for the link Susannah, please post it you would please....

  4. i attended the one in Houston. i wrote about it on my blog. there were at least 10,000. it is nice to know we are not alone.

    if that many show4ds up, think of all who wished or wanted to be at an event but could not.

    i hopw someone is listening.

  5. They are no longer MSM. They are TASS. I spent my childhood feeling sorry for the Soviets being fed drivel and newpapers blacked out by censors. Now I am living it myself. Scary. Great post again, Ray. Your blog is a bright light on the internet.

  6. Glad I went to mine if not to protest but to account for it with my own snapshots and it seems these days the real news is on the conservative bloggers network. Schuster, Cooper, Nasty Maddow and her booty buddy Cox, msnbc, cnn,...the whole lot of them are repugnant. I say we send them all tea bags to choke on since they seem to love it so much. I wonder if any of them would be so bold as to be so crass outside of the comfort and insulation of their studios? Doubtful. They are all afraid and they should be.

  7. As I said on your fine blog Red, citizen patriots like yourself all one million of you came armed and dangerous with your 21st century weapon of choice before the real ammo comes out and all did a fine job.

    I've taken the liberty of linking you're excellent collection for the museum of conservative ass kickers here....lol Great job and thanks for the addition.

  8. Thanks so Much Opus for the kind words, as they are greatly appreciated. The media has failed us and are indeed a frightening bunch when they all conspire as they have to move the country to their obvious ideology of choice..

    We therefore must all band together to spread the news that gets the word out to the other patriots who wish to hear the truth again and Wednesday was a great leap in that arena of the death of the old media.


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