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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Will 5th District Republican Candidate Rosanna Pulido Be on The Ballot
for the March 3rd Primary Election?

Barack Obama' s political career was kicked off with this very same political trick reserve mostly for democrats use. As we can see here in Illinois another local dem hack lawyer of Obama's is pulling the same politics by disenfranchising voters and in this case remarkably even our candidates father's signature!!!

Can you believe that one? Well its true, welcome to Illinois, home of scum like Barack Obama and Richard Daley, dem kings for life if they get their ways.......
~Press Release For Immediate Distribution~

Rosanna Pulido, founder of the Illinois Minutemen Project, and Republican candidate for the IL-5th Congressional District, announced today that a hearing will take place TOMORROW, THURSDAY FEBUARY 5TH at the Cook County Board of Elections. The hearing begins at 9:30AM. The Board will determine if the challenge to her signatures will be upheld or dismissed and whether her name will appear on the Primary Election Ballot.

Pulido collected over six hundred signatures, far more than the required 319 signatures. But 416 of her signatures were challenged, with may of those challenges suspicious. Such political machinations are allowed by current Illinois law.

In what can be best described as a personal vendetta, the challenge of Pulido's signatures was initiated by none other than Joshua Hoyt, of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Hoyt's challenge included incorrect calculations, blank signature lines, and, by his own admission, was initiated solely to derail Mrs. Pulido's campaign.

Mr. Hoyt even challenged the signature of Mrs. Pulido's own father. Under the Kafkaesque challenge process, the objection to the validity of Richard Pulido's signature was sustained.

Pulido appears to have survived Hoyt's challenges, but the hearing at the administration building on Thursday will be the determining factor in whether she appears on the ballot this March 3rd.

Pulido is being represented in the fight by noted election attorney Andrew Spiegel. He is being assisted by Free & Equal, Inc., a ballot access/petitioning firm headed by the nationally recognized ballot access advocate Christina Tobin.

The hearing will be held at 69 W. Washington Street, Room 2260.

Courtesy Jake Jacobsen via
Rosanna Pulido 2009
Bringing Common Sense back to the Illinois Fifth!
Stop the dem ownership of Illinois where the fight to win back the white house must begin by flipping Illinois' 22 electoral votes in the R column or republicans stand little chance nationally.

for the March 3rd Primary Election?

The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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