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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Say Goodbye To Obama's Buddy Blago, Lying SOB, Lincoln Doing Flips In His Grave

What do the people around the country think we call it Crook County for here instead of it's name Cook County, for our health?

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Lying, Cheating Sacks Of ____ this man and his friend up there are., and I've been saying it out loud here for years 3 years. Now Blagojevitch is going down for trying to sell Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, just the tip of the spear you can bet.

And I'll also bet this bum will never resign like a true Democrat, and will instead drag the state through the mud just like he was dragged out of his house 10 minutes ago, all for his own benefit of coarse, hold out for the best deals and then plead guilty on the last possible day. Typical Democrat. So today I'm vindicated and I'm here to say Obama's next or down line in the food chain of this mess, without a doubt.

And the world thinks Obama is THE ONLY HONEST POLITICIAN IN ILLINOIS? Poor Suckers.

So is this a sad day for Illinois?

Hell no it's not, as it would be a sad day if this lying democrat spent another day in office wheeling and dealing as he's been doing on tape for the feds. I think we can safely say it'll be "Goodbye Blago, Goodbye Rezco, so will it be "Goodbye Obama"next? Im saying he's the next to be indicted down the road and charged with something, as these guys are thick as thieves and Blago will cry like a baby when it comes down to going to prison, and guess who will be the big bait? You guessed it, Obama. Here's a fine quote I picked from the indictments this morning that will raise some eyebrows in that direction once the MSM gathers their wagons around Obama and tries to paint him in the best possible light before too much info squeaks out:

The FBI affidavit said Blagojevich had been told by an adviser "the president-elect can get Rod Blagojevich's wife on paid corporate boards in exchange for naming the president-elect's pick to the Senate."

They probably picked him up this morning as he was just about to name a replacement for Obama's seat and there was definitely money involved, so the Feds are probably trying to protect Obama for now but when Blago starts singing the world is going to turn upside down as Obama will be proven a crook just like all his friends, all of them.

Why half the country wasn't listening when we tried to warn them about Obama's home state Crook County politics when we all live here, know this information and these bums like the backs of our hands, I'll never understand. Now the country will have to suffer the consequences of Illinois politics stinking up the White House as Obama takes this same shit with him to Washington.

He's sweating his balls off today you can bet, surely the MSM is doing their best to protect their Messiah, in fact the main subject of the indictment, Senate Candidate #1 was Valerie Jarrett, Obama confidant and preferred choice for replacement of the seat he vacated . So Blago decided to get a little creative with the placement and see what he could squeeze out of Obama until she was conveniently removed from the list of potentials and thus letting Obama off the hook...we'll see where all this goes when Blago tries to drag down Obama with him..

Here's What I wrote and posted just last week right here about this bum, our Democratic Governor in a post titled........
Dem Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich Going Down?

Reposted from last week here: Sure looks like it as it's been rumored ever since he took office that he's as crooked as the last guy we had here, Republican George Ryan who's presently doing time and now comes word the Feds got him on tape doing something wrong or they wouldn't be talking about it in today's papers.

Remarkably his buddy dem senator Little Dick Turbin Durbin has been talking to and trying to convince Blagojevitch (pronounced Bla goy a Vitch)to cut some slack off of George Ryan's trip down the river. Now we know why I bet, so the next Guv gives him a break on his possible upcoming prison stint. Illinois sure has a propensity for either hiring complete crooked imbeciles or the job turns 'em that way because should "Blagoya bitch" as I refer to him end up doing time himself, that'll be the fourth Illinois governor to go down in flames; 2 for crimes in office, R George Ryan and this one if he's convicted, Otto Kerner from 61 to 68, another Dem went down for racetrack scandal and now 84 yr old Dan Walker, yet another democrat who entered office after bucking the Daley machine (the 1st one) and walking from one end of the state to another to get elected. here's how he went down....

Blago even smiles like a sociopathic crook doesn't he?

Good news for republicans but sad news for the ailing state, especially when Obama is finally exposed as the fraud he is and sent packing from Washington in shame, Illinois politicians will never make the President's short list for a hundred years or more to be sure.

Now Here's Today's Breaking News below .........
Feds arrest Gov. Blagojevich

Chicago News, Weather, "U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald says Blagojevich put a 'for sale' sign on the appointment of Barack Obama's replacement in the U.S. Senate, and wanted to be named Secretary of Health and Human Services. The governor also involved himself in 'pay-to-play schemes with the urgency of a salesman meeting his annual sales target.' And he tried to get the Tribune editorial board fired in exchange for a deal on the Cubs.
(Tribune photo: Blagojevich yesterday. More photos)"

More to come for sure on this bombshell story for sure and I'll keep posting updated MSM stories below this point as they come pouring in and the country starts realizing they made a huge mistake on November 4th that the left will never admit until Obama himself is drug away in handcuffs too.

12:00pm cst
From the Tribune

Background: Senate selection process investigated
Criminal complaint: Blagojevich: 'I want to make money'
Tribune editor: Prosecutors asked to delay some stories
Feds' news release: Obama replacement, more
Video: The reaction | On the Web: What others are saying

What The Suntimes Is Saying
Governor sought to sell Obama's Senate seat

BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Blagojevich and his chief of staff John Harris were arrested at their homes this morning in a probe involving the governor's quest to fill Sen. Barack Obama's Senate seat. The charges also include alleged attempts by the governor to influence the Tribune editorial board.

Fitzgerald: This is sad day for government and 'truly new low'
PDF: Read the complaint against Blagojevich
Live video: U.S. Attorney's news conference at 11 a.m.
Vote: Should Blagojevich resign?
Lynn Sweet: Blagojevich arrest taints Obama Senate replacement process
Photos: Who are potential replacements for Obama's sea
Brian Ross ABC News reads the indictments like me, nothing closed the door on Obama culpability here in what Fitzgerald said. Nothing.
FBI: Illinois Governor Sought To "Sell" Obama's Senate Seat
Wanted President-Elect to "Put Something Together . . . Something Big"

.ABC Blotter ............He said the governor's efforts to "sell" the Senate seat was the "most sinister and appalling" of a range of alleged corrupt acts detailed in today's case.

Fitzgerald said "there is no allegation in the complaint that the president-elect was aware of it and that is all I can say." His comment did not close the door on the possibility that Obama or someone on his staff may have known of some aspect of the governor's demands. continued

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MERRY FITZMAS: Plame Leak Prosecutor Turns Attention on Obama's Home State...
'The breadth of corruption laid out in these charges is staggering'...



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