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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The first of two steel tridents that formed the base of the soaring Twin Towers is lowered into place at the 9/11 memorial ......

.......where they will stand sentinel as reminders of the missing skyscrapers

Nice to finally see some palpable progress at the Ground Zero site, as it's nice to know the only things being built down there aren't 13 story monuments to the Muslim Killer Hijackers at the now defunct Burlington Coat factory.

Judging from all the news coming from down there the past couple months one would think that Muslim Victory Mosque is the only gosh damn thing happening down there.

By the way I have a Flight 93 Blogburst post on the Muslim Memorial pointing to Mecca you can check out at my other blog here today if you wish....thanks .

And remember ........'Never forgive nor Never Forget'.

NYPOST.com: "A piece of the heart and soul — and, literally, the backbone — of the Twin Towers made an emotional return to Ground Zero yesterday.

The first of two steel “tridents” that once formed the base of the soaring towers was lowered into place at the 9/11 memorial, where they will stand sentinel as poignant reminders of the missing skyscrapers.

On a day when city and state leaders gathered to tout the progress in rebuilding the site, the arrival of the trident columns was an emotional reminder of what was lost nine years ago.

'The tridents are visual references to the towers that once stood at the World Trade Center,' said Mayor Bloomberg, who serves as chairman of the memorial foundation's board.

Salvaged from the wreckage of the north tower, the first of two 70-foot-tall sections of the massive columns that flared into three prongs was raised over the site by a crane as hundreds of hardhats looked on.

Held aloft, the trident, covered in shrink wrap, slowly spun as workers lowered it to its base. It will be located in the visitor's center, a glass building that will serve as the entrance to the 9/11 museum.

Memorial President Joe Daniels described the return as 'the resurrection of the tridents." continued at the New York Post


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  1. If they ever manage to complete it all.. It'd be nice if they rushed this as much as they appear to be wanting to 'rush' the building of the damn Mosque across the street....  :(


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