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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Welcome Back My Friends To The 'Lie' that Never Ends.........

We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside....

There behind the glass stands a Bi racial pompous ass
Be careful as you pass, move along, move along.....
Come inside, the show's about to start..
Guaranteed to blow your head apart...

You've got to see the show, it's a dynamo
You've got to see the show, dem heads'll roll...
My Apologies to Emerson Lake and Palmer for the bastardization of their 
Karn Evil #9 Opening Verse
'Remember in November' to 'Fire em all in the fall'....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. The bust is dead-on! My God, what the world let alone the American people bought?

  2. To these liberals/pinkos/progressives/fascists/socialists/commies there are only two classes of people... Them and us. It's do as I day not do as I do!.. These people are absolutely shameless and utterly disgusting.

  3. Just love it!  Saturday morning cartoons!

  4. I liked that one too and made up that entire thing to mix it in with the others....

    I just don't know what more there is to say and do other than fire them all in the fall in order to put this Halfrican shithead's agenda in reverse, God help us all Christopher.

  5. And even when we vote these fkers out we're still left with millions of lobotomized ObaMorons. How the hell are we gonna 'deprogram' all these morons because they need it, they're all subversive commies.

  6. I thought they were good ones. I read that "Pookies Toons" on Free republic daily, used to be on there, now it's on some forum somewhere.

    Here it is GOP briefing room ...  ;)   My photoshops show up there  quite often lol

  7. Awesome cartoons!! What recovery? Obama is damaging this country on purpose and its quite sickening. WE must vote out all the bastards in November.

  8. Love it Ray! Especially the sculptor. I'm Remembering November. I just wish I had tons of money. There are so many good constitutional conservatives running for office and getting almost no publicity.

  9. ap-dp.blogspot.comSunday, August 08, 2010

    Ray, I am sure ELP won't mind you re-writing their lyrics, especially with the current situation in Washington. Love the bust picture. So true, so true!

  10. I don't why but that Ass monument got that thing in my head somehow so I tried to make it work to be funny... thanks

  11. That was excellent, Ray!  Glad to see you're a fellow ELP fan!  Man those guys were awesome.  Hard to believe that music was made back in the 70's.  It's timeless.

  12. I do love the music, seen them 2 nights in a row in St Louis as a young teenage punk...

    I'm one of those guys  who went to every concert I could afford. I've seen even Michael Jackson once. Everything from George Clinton to CCR> I was a bouncer at this local Music venue once called Poplar Creek for 3 summers in the 80's and had season passes there for 5. Those years I saw the  Beach Boys every year, Santana, I could fill the page. A wannabe rocker all my life.

  13. Yes maam we need to 'boot the lot' ....I just hope and pray we can take back DC and then take Illinois back from these bums including most of all Chicago..

    It's never been run by a good conservative, could you imagine how great this city could be with someone that doesn't ascribe to the Left Wing Keep the blacks  down' ideology? This place could and should be the greatest city on earth. 

    It once was when I was a kid so we know it can be done. Wasn't it so much better when Edgar and Thompson were the governors? What a world away huh teresa?  Those were the good old days of high school when Reagan was president and America was king.


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