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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soon Former Speaker San Fran Nan Pelosi calls on Islamic center opponents to be investigated, Not The Deceptive Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

This was released earlier today

Now on to the post....How much more are we going to take from these people in DC, and particularly this out of control, power hungry Fascist of a woman Nancy Pelosi ?
House Speaker Pelosi calls on Islamic center opponents to be investigated - WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there should be an investigation into groups protesting the building of a mosque and Islamic center near the World Trade Center site, calling it a 'zoning issue' for New Yorkers.

'There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some,' she told San Francisco's KCBS radio. 'And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.


The interview, conducted Tuesday, was made public this morning.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) also noted that New Yorkers alone should be left to decide the 'zoning issue.'

'It's up to [New Yorkers] to work it out,' she told the San Francisco Chronicle in another interview published today.

Polls indicate that public opinion is firmly against the building of an Islamic community center and mosque two blocks from the site of the terror attacks. Criticism from families of 9/11 victims has been particularly intense.
continued at NYPOST.com: "

This is how out of control and touch this criminal 111th congress has become, and they, along with the out of control executive branch and judicial branch need to be entirely disassembled, prosecuted, investigated, jailed and executed if found guilty for the treason we believe they've committed against all Americans.

And the trials need to start the seconds after we remove their asses from office in the fall.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the entire congress and first and foremost Barack Hussein Obama have become enemies of the people and must be removed from office.

Here this woman wants to investigate we Mosque opponents instead of the Muslim Madman Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who's working for the CIA and FBI being payed with our money ($16,000 total they claim) to go around the Middle East and raise money for this thing?

Unacceptable doesn't even scratch the craziness going on in our names in DC and statehouses across America today!!!.

How much more evidence does America need to decide the country's governmental employees from the people at SSA to the White House should be fired, every damn one of them?

Well, here's some more to add to the pile as Nancy defends a Muslim Terrorist building a provocative Mosque over 80% of America.

Yet these same idiots are doing everything they can to keep the St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church that was completely destroyed from being either rebuilt or relocated meanwhile San Fran Nan and GhettObama and friends oblige the Mad Mullahs and the Imam from Hell every chance they get. an aside...my middle name is Nicholas..
Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders:

"Greek Orthodox leaders trying to rebuild the only church destroyed in the Sept. 11 terror attacks expressed shock this week after learning, via Fox News, that government officials had killed a deal to relocate the church.

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, once a tiny, four-story building in the shadows of lower Manhattan, was destroyed in 2001 by one of the falling World Trade Center towers. Nobody from the church was hurt in the attack, but the congregation has, for the past eight years, been trying to rebuild its house of worship.

Though talks between the church and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey stalled last year, church leaders say they've been trying to kick-start discussions ever since. But amid debate over whether a proposed Islamic community center should go forward near Ground Zero, government officials threw cold water on the prospect of any deal with the church -- telling Fox News the deal is off the table. FOXNews.com -


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Yo, Nancy, here I am, right here in Chicago. Investigate me. All's you'll find is Common Sense here... 

  2. Except them people tell us to clean our own shithouse ;) Which if not done in November I'm moving out.

  3. http://1389blog.com/2010/08/13/rebuild-st-nicholas-church-at-ground-zero-not-a-mosque/ 

    Thanks for posting this!

    For nearly nine years, there has been a grass-roots effort to get St. Nicholas Orthodox Church rebuilt, which was completely destroyed when the South Tower fell on it. The parish still has an active congregation but no building; they have been meeting to worship in Brooklyn. The NY/NJ Port Authority, with the acquiescence of the local tranzi-progressive/dhimmi/jihadist politicians, bureaucrats, and media, have put up one roadblock after another to stop the church from being rebuilt. Now, many of us Orthodox Christians, working pretty much independently by word of mouth among friends and parishoners, have finally succeeded in getting some news media attention to this matter.

    I would like to ask every American who supports the effort to rebuild this church make the effort call, write, or better yet, GO AND VISIT the offices of their US Representative and US Senators. You will probably just get to talk to a staffer, but the staffer will pass this information along. It makes a BIG difference if you take the trouble to write a personal letter or show up in person.

    No matter where you live, please pass the information along to everybody else you know who might be interested. Put it on Facebook, repost it on your own blog, email it to your friends and relatives, whatever else you can think of. We need to get something done while the issue is still in the public eye. 


  4. 1389 AD, I have a question if you care to answer it. Is the St. Nicholas group trying to swap land with the Port Authority? I read that yesterday and didn't know quite what to make of it. Thanks for any answer.

  5. Ray, I posted a comment before the one about St. Nicholas. I don't know what happened to it. I was saying the video is very powerful. These stories are still so raw. Pelosi tried to cha today by suggesting the funding for the mosque should also be investigated. Bloomberg has already said that would be unAmerican.

    When I heard her quote last night, all I could think of is what's next. These people have opinions and what business is it of hers? It isn't her business. This from her is one of the scarier signs of what is to come.

  6. Ya know I've been raggin at Google today about this. They've activated some spambot thing and my comment stream disappeared, I'm pissed off about it. Spent half the day looking for answers.

    Ya know I've been re looking at disques and may switch if this doesn't chill soon. I'm so sick of Google I really am. If it happens please let me know, I have no way of knowing ...thanks Maggie.

    She is a fascist statist and so out of touch she doesn't even know we exist our here and it's us who's pissed off about this Mosque. Again with Astro turf bullshit and then their blogs start churning it all into their version of the truth!!!

  7. You're entirely welcome and when I heard this news I was pissed pissed pissed. I've been writing about it so much my readers are getting tired but to me it's all that matters at this moment. I promised myself that day I'd do whatever I could legally to avenge 911 and I haven't quit yet and won't .

  8. Yea but Nancy would rather see all of us investigated instead. Dumb *()^(*&%*&$^%^(*_)+_|}   !!!


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