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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama's Flyover & Photo-op To Ft Bliss Part of HIS "Not Quite Mission Accomplished" Speech Tonight

After he makes a $65,000 an hour trip to Ft Bliss this afternoon, tonight for what I sadly believe is nothing more than the obligatory "thanks troops" photo op with this man, President Zero, AKA Barack Hussein Obama will attempt to claim tonight it's finally 'Mission Accomplished Not Quite' in Iraq thanks mostly to he and his being elected of course.

I base that assumption from knowing him these past couple miserable years and his propensity to shun responsibility for anything 'bad' blaming most of his shortcomings and missteps for the most part on President Bush.

However, we ALL know he and these democrats will today and forever hereafter try to take credit for an accomplishment that neither he nor they had a damn thing to do with, particularly since the "Iraq Withdrawal timetable" was well laid out before he was even elected president.

Not to mention every liberal this side of San Fran Freako has been against this mission from it's inception, even going as far as 'aiding and abetting the enemy' under just about any patriot's definition of the term since day one, and only retreated once their Kenyan born boy was elected president, and not a second sooner.

Furthermore, were it 'up to him' and most democrats (who were against the surge from start to finish) this war would have been lost long ago if in fact it's even been 'won', so for them to try to grab the glory while throwing a little bone to the soldiers who deserve the bulk of the credit for what's been accomplished in Iraq and no one else is a bit offensive to this American, and must be as well for all those who did all the heavy lifting.

It's great many are coming home yet more than he'll send to our border to protect 'IT ' remain there to protect theirs in Iraq.

In fact Obama doesn't even "like" being Commander in Chief, so if that indeed is the case as this NYT piece let on the other day linked indirectly below, let's just relieve him of his duties...

He Really Doesn’t Want to Be Commander In Chief

Contrarily, President Bush, who 'DID' like it welcoming home troops a few weeks ago here ( touching video)

Frankly, nobody deserves any credit other than the soldiers and their families who sacrificed their lives in over 4,287 cases, with over 30,000 wounded, and will continue to do so as 50,000 troops stay behind to 'keep the peace' for only God knows how long. Men and women who sacrifice day in and day out far more for this country than any of we 'non service people' can understand, including myself.

For 'proof' of that we need only look to the fact that there's still troops on the 38th parallel on the DMZ in North and South Korea, and we have the largest US embassy on planet earth located in the 'Green Zone' of Iraq. It's not there to leave empty for the next 20 years, of that we can be certain.

So from this American to those returning home to an America they won't recognize, congratulations on a job well done and welcome home for those lucky enough to be coming back at this time .

For those who will not be returning, it sure doesn't sound like 'Mission accomplished' for them yet does it?

Apparently Obama did call President Bush although only those two know at the present time what was discussed and 'perhaps' Obama gives him a 'hat tip' in his speech, we'll see. Count me among the doubters such a thing will take place.

Obama calls George W. Bush before big speech...

Meanwhile Alex Jones' website is asking in a good piece

Iraq: An End or an Escalation?

John Boehner takes a pre emptive strike at Obama basically saying "many democrats talk all day about the end of combat in Iraq but we don't hear much about WINNING"

He's right about that indeed.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. What time is this on tonight? I want to make sure I am NO WHERE NEAR a TV TONIGHT. Let alone mine.... it's getting to costly to replace them after I pick them up and throw them out my window everytime this bozo is on... :)

  2. I would imagine around 7 central or so...I watch him just so I know first hand what bullshit he's spewing now.

    We've been hearing him here in Chicago yap since 2005 his mostly useless information and self promoting.

  3. They act like they had everything to do with it when in fact if they'd get the heck out of the way this stuff is over 'over there' in an instant with the proper weaponry which we of course have but don't use since we're supposedly 'fighting cavemen' when in fact they're con men on camels.


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