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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jay Sekulow and Robertson Groups suing to stop NY's Blasphemous Ground Zero Mosque...Not on our watch

This was my comment over at Yahoo on this subject, which most who know me will agree is right on par with my 'complete,utter absolute anger' towards this 'pissing on the graves of the dead and the faces of all of America".

[At the top of the sidebar you'll see the man's site who's taking this thing down and he deserves some cash, I sent him a hundred today. Not on our watch dammit.]
Next time they'll only have to launch rockets right from across the street, in fact maybe if NYer's are really lucky, they'll get the nuke plans from Ahmadickwad and just blow the entire city up.

IF you people don't fire Bloomberg over this I pray for you all.

WHAT DHIMMI's....an insult to the people who died that day. How sickening of submission this country is in . Sad and pathetic.. Bend over America.
If we submit to this High level acquiescence to Islam in New York of all cities 'this damn country deserves what's coming' is all I can say. I'm so disgusted by this I'm thinking of quitting this shit and getting the hell out.

Group sues to stop mosque near NY's ground zero - Yahoo! News: "NEW YORK – A conservative advocacy group founded by the Rev. Pat Robertson is suing to try to block a planned Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero.

The mosque proposal has become a fulcrum for balancing religious freedom and the legacy of the Sept. 11 attacks. It would be two blocks from ground zero.

The American Center for Law and Justice says it filed a petition Wednesday challenging a city panel's decision to let developers tear down a building to make way for the mosque.

City lawyers say they're confident the panel followed appropriate procedures. A spokesman for the mosque project declined to comment.

Opponents say the mosque plan insults the memory of those killed by Islamic terrorists in the 2001 attacks. Supporters see it as a monument to tolerance.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Great comment!! I am so pissed about this also.  Fire Bloomberg!!! He is such an anti-American pig. We will not be forced to follow sharia law. The plans for this mosque to be built so close to Ground Zero is literally a slap in the face to every American, and especially family members of victims of 9/11.

  2. Your comment I didn't see until after I commented on your post Teresa..

    I'm so freakin pissed off about this it's all I've been commenting on around the web>> I go to the New York Post and the Sun times a lot. Those folks who read there are just like me.  I say fire that fake Jew too. Not only that he's a fake republican, he's really a democrat and all the liberals defending him don't even know that.

    He's betrayed his people and the victims in such an unforgiveable way ya know?   I'm ashamed and feel we can't let this happen just for the victims or we're done in this country forever. I can't believe it, less than 10 years and Islam is winning almost.  I can't believe it.

  3. I hope Jay and Company can do something about this, but I have a feeling this thing will be built. There's talk that unions won't work on it, but there is always outside help. I think they are as determined as we are. I'm betting cost is not important - whatever it takes to get the thing up.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to rant about Bloomberg. Perhaps that is the saddest thing about this. The mayor of this great city has abandoned those lost on 9/11. Unforgivable.

  5. I heard now also in new york chatrooms that where the money is coming from is a big deal and it looks all foreign so they think they'll end up backing down but we have to watch these people every second now and I've been saying that all along and all these lefties called me a racist Xenophobe. These people are pulling out every trick and our lawmakers are so fucking stupid that they don't even know how they're being played.

    They really should all be fired and then tried for treason and this dumb ass is right at the top of the list. What a traitor to the Jews. Judas.

  6. Absolutely unForgiveable treason. Beyond comprehension is this betrayal of the dead.


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