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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vilsak Falls on Nutsack In Obama - Sherrod USDA Race Dance

(in case you didn't get the headline it's an anti euphamism for 'falling on his sword' + bonus for rhyming.. Jesse blogging 101.. lol)

I stayed away from this latest Race Bait Obama failure over the past couple days, but I'm gonna post this now since it's become the biggest story on Fox and the Obama WH Marxist Express, which now has another black victim to peel off it's tires when it was aiming for whitey.

A bit off topic quickly.....another thing that's bugged the hell out of me is how all these dumb honkey talking heads can't say her last name properly.

It's Sherrod as in 'A rod' not 'Shar-ed' or it would be spelled like I just did it. I even wrote O'Reilly and Rush on the air to complain that they both sounded stupid continuing to mispronounce it. I knew it because I played baseball with a Tony Sherrod and I've heard many people say it correctly on air as well so I'm not imagining it..

One of those was Glenn Beck just this evening saying the same thing I am, the others Hannity, Ann Coulter and the woman herself.

Anyhow, this video here you may have seen is Tom Vilsack at the USDA, or her boss, who many will remember tried to run for president a couple elections back if not this last one (betcha there's many who would take him over this train wreck now, huh? lol) falling on GhettObama's sword this afternoon for chucking this lady under the bus yesterday with minimal facts like bloggers are supposed to do, not everyone else. ; )

I'm happy I held off on that one, unusual for me frankly.

Listening to Michael Savage just minutes ago his position is that Andrew Breitbart, who he called a 'great friend' was set up with these edited tapes by someone in the GhettObama Administration through a third party who Brietbart said initially he didn't trust and tossed it off to the side first receiving word of it months ago according to his explanation on Hannity's show last nite, which  I can't locate anywhere on video.  : (
July 21, 2010 Vilsack: 'This Was My Decision'

Secretary of USDA publicly apologizes to Shirley Sherrod, insists White House played no part in forced resignation

So the bus keeps rolling and Mrs Sher-ROD will cash in [instead of taking some BS made-up job] as she did when she won a $300.000 settlement with her husband against the very agency of which was working for 25 years.

She got screwed here, but doesn't deserve the 'Help Whitey Peace Prize' for helping a white farmer, which by the way, she was freaking being payed to do. It's not like she did it out of the goodness of her heart

And furthermore, as Brietbart has said, the audience didn't know at this dinner where the tapes were made that there was a 'point of redemption' coming down the pike in the story when they were laughing about her 'throwing honky farmer Ned' under her racial NAACP bus she was driving at the time, and probably still does when the cameras aren't around, frankly.

So there's my take for those of you who read it to it's completion. thank you.

FOXNews.com - Agriculture Secretary Offers to Rehire Ousted Civil Servant: "Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Wednesday he has offered to rehire the civil servant he forced to resign two days ago over her comments about race that were taken out of context in a brief video clip.

Vilsack said he offered Shirley Sherrod, who was the state director of rural development in Georgia, a unique new position at the agency but wouldn't go into details. Sherrod told The Associated Press she is considering the offer.

'I accept full responsibility with regret,' Vilsack said at a news conference. 'She's been put through hell. I could have and should have done a better job.'

Vilsack said he extended his 'profound apologies' to Sherrod and added that the experience has been a 'teachable moment for me, a teachable moment for all of us.'

Vilsack also emphasized that the White House applied no pressure to his decision to sack Sherrod.

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. They want this to go away ASAP.
    Did you read that her & her hubby have ties to bill AYERS?
    I put the story link on my FB.
    Is ANYONE remotely connected to obummer not a commie, racist psycho?

  2. No there are not . They're all Black Fascists and commies. They've all been sold on the 'hate whitey because he holds us down' routine and they're playing it now more than ever because they're so ignorant about politics that they think we all have what we have because Nixon Reagan and Bush gave it all to us.

    Dumb asses. I'm sorry but they're ignorant and they've never had a black president so they've been disengaged their entire lives and they thought because of JJ and SHarpton that if a black man ever got elected they'd all get checks for reparations and that's why they're trying so hard to deliver, otherwise they all lose their cred and the blacks abandon the left because they've been lied to..

    that's my take Bunni hunny....  ;)

  3. ap-dp.blogspot.comWednesday, July 21, 2010

    <p>Boy, Ray. When it involves Fox the MSM is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over this like flies on sh*t. But where was the MSM on Rev Wright, Black Panthers/DOJ fiasco.
    </p><p>It is pretty funny to see just how the MSM has a "tingle up their leg" for the socialist left.
    </p><p>I decided not to run with it after I heard Breitbart say he didn't trust the guy who sent it.
    </p><p>Oh and Ms SharROD will cash in... A second time. She sued the USDA month before she was "appointed" And speaking of "Appointed" she's in violation of ethics rules for her political bantering on the video... I have a feeling, this is just the beginning of this story.

  4. Yea she will definately cash in ....I kinda touched on that in this paragraph....

    "So the bus keeps rolling and Mrs Sher-ROD will cash in [instead of taking some BS made-up job] as she did when she won a $300.000 settlement with her husband against the very agency of which was working for 25 years."
    Anyone who's still marching in Obama's Hope and Change parade need a freaking lobotomy and it's no wonder they can't find jobs, they're mostly too freaking stupid to work on that side. If they can't see this what can they see through their kool aid flavored glasses.? That's why I call them all ObaMorons!!

  5. ap-dp.blogspot.comThursday, July 22, 2010

    DOH!!!  >:o
    I guess I was a little tired last night. LOL zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Does this whole thing feel like a set-up to anyone else?  It does to me!

  7. SInce they're all so freaking crooked over on that side I wouldn't doubt it Katie....and Michael Savage as I noted is all over that theory, as he thinks that Breitbart has been infiltrated by the left and should look closely at his employees and contacts...they're apparently close friends accordind to Savage. ;)

  8. She's a typical lefty A A but I will say this that many do not know her husband was murdered by a white man so her prejudice is well founded in that sense although she did offer a 'point of redemption' in the story and the farmer's wife came to her aid but she's being a typical blame FOX bit&&& about it now. She obviously still harbors hatred for us and I say who gives a damn? that makes her like 90% of the AA population.

    THey don't get over this 'hate and blame whitey' thing they'll languish in failure and poverty forever and deserve it if they continue to follow the democratic party. sadly

  9. OOPS I meant her FATHER was murdered, not her husband.

  10. no apology needed, just making record.. ;)

  11. This stuff gets to us all....it's so miserable it's hard to read it  and report on it day in and day out. Perhaps the media does what they do for that reason. Maybe they think reporting on what they deem fun stuff instead of important stuff everyone will be happy since there's no bad news according to them unless a conservative is running things. :)

    I bet more libs would be conservative if it were not for the radical religion but that's what made America different from the world...at least DID> Gay priests aren't helping either but instead of blaming that on the homosexuals they blame GOD and the church which shows how mental they are :)


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