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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obama Blames Illegal Immigration Mostly On Others in Plea For Rep. Appeasement...

Here Obama tells us the border can't be sealed with fences and boots on the ground.

Perhaps we'd know that for sure if they 'tried it for real' instead of as a 'ploy to get everyone all juiced up for amnesty', like we're all mentally incapacitated and don't know any better as they try to sell us this bull that the 'borders have never been safer and tighter'.

Their contempt for for our intelligence doesn't even hide anymore.

This was nothing but looking to lay this in the laps of Republicans, since his only hope to see 'his people' elected in the fall is to make sure the same 'illegals and uneducated voters' that voted for his agenda last time somehow forget everything that's happened over the past 2 years and vote for even more 'hope and change'.

So, instead of appeasing Americans he was hired 'by some of us' to work for, he continues to seek the approval of and please the Euro Peeons' Muslims, Mexicans, criminal illegals and terrorists, and now wants our cooperation. I get it. Not.

Just as he's done since he brought this "Shamnesty II" up, forgetting it was 'roundly rejected' 3 summers ago, since we now know he made 'yet another promise he can't keep' to the Mexican Lobby during the 'sham-paign', run by congressman and rabblerouser Luis Gutierrez, which said "he would deliver amnesty if they delivered him to the 'promise land' without asking us of course.

Which will soon turn to 'demanding' WE, THE PEOPLE, give away more of our country to people who "want better lives" for what he and his disciples deem 'the common good' if the republicans don't acquiesce to his demands, just like they did during Obamacare ignoring nearly 70% of America forcing that unconstitutional albatross around your children's necks.

So my message as an taxpaying legal American citizen to he and they is this:

"You know what you S-O-A-M, we want better lives too for our families and selves, as well, and for 'illegals' to have better lives 'we' have to have 'worse' ones. Do the math you *&^%$#@. It doesn't work!

We can't support the third world anymore without us starving, which is not going to happen, no matter how many violins you liberals and illegal supporters dig up to play your sad song with."

In other words, the answer is 'Thanks but no thanks' from this camp.

Perhaps, when they come with a plan that says "Anyone without one spot on their record and a solid prove-able work history can stay after a 10,000 fine, the rest, about 2/3rds of them, go home" I'll listen.

Until then, the hand. The problem with Obama is he wasn't around during the last attempt which he talked about so much today because he was too busy running for president. I almost gagged on my drink when he said "when I was senator"....the man barely sat down long enough to fart in the chair and the ONLY reason he even has a record in the senate is they put his name on everything when he wasn't even there.

Seeking to inject urgency into the push for an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws, President Obama on Thursday called on Republicans to join the effort, telling them he can't pass a bill without them.

After pushing through an economic stimulus bill and health care with barely any Republican support in the first 16 months of his administration, the president said this issue is too dangerous to tackle — for Democrats and the GOP — without having both parties involved.

"I'm ready to move forward, the majority of Democrats are ready to move forward, and I believe the majority of Americans are ready to move forward. But the fact is without bipartisan support, as we had just a few years ago, we cannot solve this problem," Mr. Obama told about 250 immigration-rights advocates in a speech at American University in Washington.

On the hottest flash point in the debate, Arizona's new law targeting illegal immigrants, Mr. Obama said the rules are "unenforceable" for local police

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. You know Ray, I just can't stomach listening to Obastard or even read about him any more...
    BUT I have to!  He's such a loser.  He affects Americans in everyway all the way down to what toilet paper we can afford to wipe our own asses with.  933 more days 2 hours 36 minutes and the seconds are counting down for him to be SO GONE!

  2. I lovew that Sheriff from AZ and he's got some nads to stand up to all the BS and don't be surprised when the Mehicans try and whack him. If America doesn't vote every person on the left out of office because I know we outnumber the loons everywhere than we got what we deserve.

    We need to do what ACORN did for conservatives and make sure everyone we know votes. Or we're screwed and that's not even exxaggerating.

  3. 932 days and hopefully sooner if we can flip congress and impeach this halfrican SOB.  I just can't believe how freaking stupid so many in this country have become and I just thank the Lord above I didn't have children. I used to regret it but not anymore because this mess will take years to clean up if we even can at this point ....it's a frightening day in America and I'm praying more realize it and fast.


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