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Friday, July 9, 2010

Must See Alex Jones Video and Rant...As United States Collapses, Media Worships LeBron James

Things have really changed as Alex Jones is linked on Drudge and is the most sane and informed man on the planet almost.

This also reminded me of a rant I wrote and forgot to post on this Lebron James sideshow for the imbecilic sheep...the modern version of 'bread and circus and is the opiate of the masses' as Jones smartly remarks in the closing of his wonderful, eye opening plea.

Sorry if anyone out there likes James. I don't particularly hate him, it's the big picture per se, just the lowering of the bar of excellence and the media ignoring and abetting the collapse of our decadent society that bothers me as millions of you and I up close courtside many a night witnessed the last of the greatest ever in American sports during the 1990's, and these thug pretenders aren't even close to the Bird Magic Michael Jordan stature...see my rant after if you wish.

Our country is in a free fall folks in all areas, and sport idolatry is one of the symptoms of the disease. Complacency and ignorance to the coming disaster not on all American's behalf, but possiby too many to keep the Titanic afloat. We let this go too far my friends. :-(....

This is a must see video

That should cover the coming collapse, now this obscene LeBron watch we witnessed this week...

Having had the pleasure of a lifetime sitting courtside watching the best basketball player and man to ever play in the NBA and also the most distinguished, that experience makes this man and the rest of the THUG BA look like a bad joke.

High schoolers and Xavier college underclassmen jam on him and HE- they hide the tapes so his market worth isn't damaged.

Is that a "Superstar"? Not to this American. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all that, and like I wouldn't take the money, I say no, not in this climate knowing who I am, but I've never had 50 million dollars tossed my way and I would never believe I was worth that much no matter what the talent, when 200 million American adults aren't and have far more important jobs than this.

And all regulars here know damn well I'm not a socialist, either. That's the point, he's not 'the best'.

It's just out of control, I wouldn't pay this much to bring the almighty Christ himself back to this decimated country and earth.

The way they held these children hostage last night to watch this dumb announcement from a city I lived in as a child and my paternal grandparents lived where my father was born for no real apparent reason, Greenwich, Connecticut, was unconscionable and also insufferable if you ask me.

They really looked like little hostages, here's a snapshot and tell me I'm not right/ There wasn't a kid there who wasn't going "what the fuck am I doing here, I'm not getting paid"....that was so the charity could cash the check.

What a goofy and self serving spectacle for someone who isn't even a champion., no?

In all senses of the word, a loser, essentially, when put in those terms, who's never won a playoff championship, which means he's nowhere near 'the best' and therefore shouldn't be paid as such and this skews the whole out of whack and upside down reward, monetary system we've created in this country. For instance, every man on the Lakers this year is better than him. He sucks as a teammate.

It's a free market yes, but when one man who has more money to 'throw away' pays too much for a star then the next one costs more. It's unsustainable. Doh.

Video here//// Even the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers says 'he's a cowardly bum' as well and I agree. Sorry, but I just do, this is obscene.

I have no respect for any people who take this kind of money to play a child's game, and jealousy hasn't a damn thing to do with it. It's the very same 'wall street, enron, me me me, Obama out of control' attitude that's brought us to the brink of extinction in this country.

I would wear a Yankee's or CUBS uniform or play my guitar onstage for 5 hours a show for free.

We'd better wake up and now. Tomorrow's not an option.

NO human being who can only jam a freaking basketball is worth more than a cardiologist or a Vascular surgeon, nor brain surgeon for that matter. Furthermore, this also decimates the black communities because every kid and their parents if they know who both are see sports as their only way out of the ghetto, and this is all they wanna do besides rap.

But, it's not 'his' fault, again it's the owners throwing around this money which makes the games unattended for 75% of the sports fans. Period. Everyone cuts back but them and Congress?

Cavs owner Gilberts rips LeBron James - NBA- nbcsports.msnbc.com: "Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert told the Associated Press that LeBron James quit on the Cavaliers in the playoffs, and railed on him in an open letter to Cavs fans.

'He quit,' Gilbert told the AP. 'Not just in Game 5, but in Games 2, 4 and 6. Watch the tape. The Boston series was unlike anything in the history of sports for a superstar.' He also ripped him in an open letter to the Cavs, which you can read (actually, should read) by clicking the link. Of course, if LeBron had stayed in Cleveland, this would have never come to light.
Source: NBA.com

from the Cav's obviously 'jilted' owner on behalf of the fans and the organization who were stung willingly along with the idiots at the Chicago Bulls, as if this half superstar could hold the jocks of Jordan, Pippen, Grant, Paxson and the rest and would run from the comparisons....in fact, he did. Not a chance. So the Bulls were Suckers.

Furthermore, like anyone would go to New York so they can live where they tax the living hell out of the working class and yet can't even rebuild ground zero before 2 freaking Mosques are being built within RPG distance.

America has fallen and can't get up, man.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I'm crazy about sports, but you are right  I have several friends who's lives revove around football.  I'm going to use this video on my site, with a HT to you.

  2. Good, the more who see this the better, I think Jones can be a nut like everyone else including myself but he nailed this

    I am too, I was a great high school baseball player and played football too, My little brother played college football at Cornell U and played some pro in the LAFL for the Parma Panthers in Italy for two seasons before embarking on a career in high finance but they're nothing but ghetto's now if you asked me. I love hockey and I think the reasons are obvious ;)   I love football too but gave up on the NBA Ghetto ball after the Jordan Era..Like I said, Seen the best, don't need the rest :)

  3. Sports is the last vestige of battle.  Physical, testosterone pumping action.  All other areas have been feminized and reduced.  

    That said, I'm not a sports fan.  I battle by whit and wisdom the daily stupidity of life.  The lack of personal involvement and commitment to bettering the world and this country.  Our forefathers left this nation better then they found it, for the last couple of generations, I don't think the same can be said.

  4. It tis Ablur ; |

    In the sense that it does allow for the escape of agression for many fans and participants. especially Lakers fans who enjoy getting their exercise burning the city down.... most of the leadership skills and of course physical fitness in mylife have come from sports participation, but when I became crippled a decade ago (seemingly now temporarily) I took a new look at the sports world and decided it would fall downward on my 'things to do list' since I could no longer participate

    I too decided to start doing battle here in the 'arena of ideas' although sometimes it also serves the 'dissipation of agression' category for me, but now that I walk again I'm also becoming more active again, so I dunno. I went to college but I prefer hands on stuff myself, 20 years of Printing a testament to that.

    Pro sports are out of control and nothing but a distraction from the important things.

  5. I'm beside you in the bindery for almost 30 years.  I'll Tear it down, fix it, and make it run like the wind.  It makes sense, logical sense.  Nobody seems to be able to think it through.  College only served to help me realize how stupid we really are.

    Even a kid can tell you, if you worked hard for it you deserve it.  Seems to escape a liberal.

  6. Wow small world... I did bindery for years as well but I was a pressman and film stripper at the Chicago Trib until I got sick in 2000....but I'm gettingbetter now after a decade and am looking but the industry is almost gone. I look at it as a gift in a way but don't think I mean that consescendingly, I loved printing.

    I printed some award winning United Airlines posters in the 90's running 6 colors but started on AB dicks  in high school and through college and just ended up doing that goofily.  Didn't even have  to go to college, and now it doesn't do shit for me because I was blue collar all that time.

    I actually dislike white collar work, I like to build things, but we don't do  that here anymore dangit. We need it all back and now ABLUR!!

  7. Here's a pic of me in 95 at work in the Trib's Freedom center used in Quick Print Magazine that year....I was 30

  8. I have done everything in Bindery except hard cover.  I couldn't do it.  Too slow.  I love the speed and the "got to get it done now" atmosphere that keeps our business going.  I have spent the last 25 years doing next day or faster turns.  
    I can do both white and blue and slide back and forth by the moment.  I work for a large corp with multiple plants and function as a trainer and information source while I keep my home plant on the top of the heap.
    Could do something else with all my education but I am not willing to start at the bottom and work up until I am forced.

  9. I miss it but I also love geeking on the computers muchmore. I've been able to use this as an outlet and made good coin doing design and websites but then the Halfrican Wonderboy came along and ruined that. I'm reivigorating my music career per se, I've been a garage bander all my life until this, but now I'm playing again.

    I probably couldn't get hired in the business again at this age, I don't know.

  10. Just about all the knowledge is gone in the industry.  It is all kids and push buttons.  No common sense or mechanical aptitude.  There is still a place for old fashion know how.  I'm still in good enough condition to out work them.  I use my head.  They just bang away on their body.  Kids don't listen any more.

  11. I hear that ! My docs think that's how I got nerve damage and MS, acetone, blanket wash, kerosene, plate developer and all that crap, I never wore gloves...Inhibited my work, and there's no proof but look on those cans of acetone and so forth and they say "may cause nerve damage' and the funny thing is I used to read them and scoff..... :( be careful  ;)

  12. Alex is great and tells it like it is.
    All the sports, celeb stuff is just a distraction.
    Thanks for posting, Ray.


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