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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mark Levin, Landmark Legal Foundation's Amicus Curiae brief on AZ SB 1070

Right talker and Landmark Legal Foundation president Mark Levin talked about this 'friend of the court' brief on his show Wednesday night, and the first paragraph of page 2, which is really the beginning, explains this thing the best I've seen in print to date. 

Now if only they can manage to find a judge who can read better than the 2o million illegals and 20 million liberals who cannot and have been deliberately stoking racial tensions misrepresenting the law to the ignorant and lazy to send Obama and Holder's racist lawsuit to the recycle bin where it belongs in the first place.

Including the so called PINO, which on this blog means "President In Name Only" who remarked on it's so called "discriminatory nature"  clairvoyantly through his "neo fascist' prism and crystal ball, since he himself had not at that time, and probably since, read it.

Nor have a host of other people in high places with big mouths and a propensity to excuse 'anything to get elected", as we wrote when  Bill Clinton did in excusing Robert "Sheets" Byrd from his Klan association for 20 years by saying "he was only trying to get elected" at his 'final resting place and as he heads off to the big 'Klan meeting in the ground'.

Landmark Legal Foundation: "Landmark Legal Foundation has filed a detailed Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) Brief in support of the State of Arizona and its recently enacted law requiring suspected illegal aliens to produce proof of their legal immigration status

Read the entire thing here and then you can also listen to Levin explain every page and talk about the 'Amicus brief' during the first half hour of the show that you can listen to for free at the link below, unlike the other talkers on the right, who I love, but charge you some dough to listen when you wish

Unlike Levin, who again, does it for free.

Better yet it's without commercials as well,  which is really great. 07/14 The Mark Levin Show

I listen to his show nightly while catching  O'Reilly and or Leno's monologue, and then some pre 'Age of Obama' movie usually from my collection since most of TV's offerings today are pure garbage for the most part.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Thank God for Mark Levin.

  2. He's a 'one man, Obama regime legal wrecking crew' indeed Opus... thanks ;)

  3. Ray, Good post. I did hear Marks show and obvioulsy agree.

  4. We need more Levin's out there and he's a good man. I may even go check out the Lt Dan Band in Wheaton IL he's touting on his website in a couple weeks I think . I don't miss him :)

  5. Everything I read says Obama and Holder do not have a chance with this lawsuit. Democrats don't want it either - and especially Dems in Arizona. The Great One is terrific. 

  6. It's so against the 'people' it's 'criminal' and Chavez like Maggie >:o >:o

    Delay and diversionary tactics,  as Laura I calls it "razzle dazzle". That's all this administration is capable of due to gross incompetence. they can't
    'fake' their way through this like they have everything else. 

    BTW You should look at the Alex Jones video I posted on the other blog here. it's got a Napolitano interview too from a couple weeks ago. Interesting stuff  ;)

  7. He's definately the smartest one on the circuit. IMHO.....


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