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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hidden Cameras Reveal Huge Gaps in Border Security

Obama and Napolitano are really doing a great job on the border, here's some video to back it up ; (

"WASHINGTON — Hidden cameras have captured a startling stream of illegal immigrants and drug runners traveling freely from Mexico into the United States through federal forest and game preserves in southern Arizona.

The stealth footage is featured in a new video, titled “Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns, and 850 Illegal Aliens,” that the Center for Immigration Studies released Thursday.

Southern Arizona “has become almost a playground for smugglers,” said Janice Kephart, the center’s national security policy director. “Federal lands should be the starting point — not the last point — for border security.”

The video, which runs nearly 10 minutes, features dramatic footage of lines of individuals moving resolutely northward in such areas as the Coronado National Forest and the Casa Grande Sector, just miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border.continued at Hidden Cameras Reveal Huge Gaps in Border Security


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  1. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeSaturday, July 17, 2010

    Off topic but what do you think of the WordPress blogs that were taken down? P.S. check your email :*

  2. Ya know I read extensively about it and know these sites as many are aware they trafficked in stole videos, movies, software and so forth.. I know many people who've stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of just about everything you can imagine related to computers and early on I was tempted myself trying to establish my business at the outset to get the stuff I needed but instead opted to purchase it, and I'm now damn glad I did.

    Wordpress is almost intolerable to work on because of these so called blogs, many were just "ad sense splogs' and frankly I helped take them down. I provided Google a list of ip addresses containing splogger url's that have polluted my blog over there for over  a year, thousands of IP's and most of them hosted on those servers. splogs are spam blogs that use our copy and writing to link to pages that have nothing but links and ads for Google.

    Because so many linked to this blog I've been fighting with google to restore my page rank to a 5 from a 3 and they still won't believe I'm not allowing the links and I say to them "how the hell can I control who links to me?" Which started a 5 month back and forth with them on this subject to which I got to providing them the ip's I saved and accumlated from a plug in a friend devised for me and now they may finally believe me when those links no longer exist after this closing down.

    Now, with Obama, yes it could lead to our blogs being shut down and I'll be the first to go because of my rabid anti Obama stance so we'll see what happens and keep fighting these mofos

    So i hope that answers ya dear...... ;)

  3. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeSaturday, July 17, 2010

    Yes, you certainly answered my question. I mean, sure I could live without my blog and the internet but if I CHOSE TO LIVE WITHOUT IT, not if it was taken away. I can't even believe we are living in a world where I am even forced to ask people such as yourself questions such as the one I aksed you about wordpress. People wanted change and along with that they got uncertainty of even the immediate future.  I must admit that when I read about the blogs being taken down , I immediately checked to make sure yours was still up :*

  4. For now Googlee's more powerful than Obama, but that could change quick if he somehow manages to steal a second term if he finishes this one depending on how much his 'ass' is kicked in November. We have to mobilize the Cracker count and run this regime into the ground and impeach his striped ass in January.  ;)

  5. I didn't finish my comment  [dumb ass 2 am brain lock]  then if he does Google would probably have to acquiesce Chairman MaObama like they do with China.  If he's not neutered in November we have some real sad folk out there Wifey :(


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