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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ethics panels charge California Rep. Waters along with Bahama Charlie R in the same week, EOF

That's 'Equal Opportunity Felons.' by the way.....

That's two, count em, "TWO" top Black democrats charged in the same week for malfeasance and fraud dating back years, which have been 'covered up' over with years with countless false denials and lies, who's votes have been crucial in passing Obama's agenda of stealing from the people to give to the people.

And we all know it's GOT TO BE the White Man who's out to get them, even when the president is half black, the 'man' is still out to get em all and 'keep em down' when it's their own money grubbing, race baiting leaders dragging them over the cliff of the abyss, not us.

What bull**** huh?

And on the list goes, you better believe it. It's a virtual 'cross ethnicity river of slime'. I liken it to the fictitious slime under the city of New York in Ghostbusters, that's exactly what flows through our political class nationwide right down to Saprano guido wannabe city managers paying themselves 800 g's a year like this Rizzo we all saw last week.

Aside from Bahama Mama Charlie and Race Baiting Maxine, let's not forget the guy up in Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick who's doing time for theft and deception,

In fact, the 'going is so good' in politics even the blind are stealing, as David Patterson up in New York, also a brother, has been doing while pretending to be the governor.

And let's not leave out Diane 'Stash The Cash in Your Bra' Wilkerson up in Boston who's from the Frigidaire Jefferson School of hiding ill gotten gains in the next paragraph, and on and on.

There's also the Mayor of Baltimore who went upstream a few months ago, then of course we got 'Frigidaire Willie' Jefferson, who likes to keep his 'stash of cash' in his wife's meatlocker in the garage, then we have the obligatory Chicago slime, like alderman Ike Caruthers going into prison a few months ago for a litany of criminal activity.

And he's just the 'tip of the crimeberg' per se when it comes to the theft going on in this town as the world had to be reminded the day Obama was sworn in to some other oath, because he long ago abandoned the right one.

We can't leave out the White Trash to be fair, so we had former governor George Ryan sent 'upriver' for a whole host of crimes against Illinoisans, most involving the selling of licenses to illegal aliens for piddly campaign contributions, which led to the fiery crash and death of an entire family and their children, the Reverend Scott Willis's entire family gone in one moment, not to mention the underhanded old style congressman from Chicago and Slick's days in office, Dan "Rosty" Rostenkowski, who held the same 'Ways and Means to Screw America" position as BahamaMama Rangel.

Must be something in the silver spoon fed meals perhaps?

And to top the list there's none other than Hot Rod Blagojevich himself, who's the most innocent of the group, [but still slime] awaiting jury to return a verdict as we speak this weekend.
But, the Crown Jewel of the 'Black Liberation Democratic Rule Of Law' crowd, Obama, and the premier king of 'king of thieves' himself, King Richard Barney Rubble Daley, [who's been screwing Chicagoan's like an old pro since his dad was doing it] have yet to be held accountable for their endless stream of crime against the citizenry of all races creeds and colors.

Yet they have us fighting us. Figure that out.

We'll all be lucky if either one leaves office sooner than hoped, much less ever be charged for the high treason literally robbing us all blind along with an endless laundry list of crime against Americans and Chicagoan's, not to mention the total decay of each and every liberally run urban American area, neighborhoods rife with crime and poverty that still sadly lag behind the curve a country mile because of their leaders' interests are in 'class theft' and redistribution of others' wealth rather than governing.

So there you have, minus those two for now, a small 'subset and sliver' of the 'black democrat crime spree' who have been charged and prosecuted for again a laundry list and whole host of crimes against again, We The Now Broke but not Broken People.

Get used to hearing 'the white man is out to get us' for the next few months as the two crooks we started this rant with stand trial during the campaign season for their crimes against Americans, that being Rangel and Waters.

And to show everyone out there that I'm totally 'equal opportunity' when it comes to catching and punishing criminals, my hope is we'll see all kinds of white people on trial as well, starting with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from the "crotchety old and elderly criminal" contingent straight from the "out of touch and out of time" liberals, who, after these past two years, SHOULD ALL be going to spend their retirements in prison.

WE out here contrary to liberal reporting don't care about race when it comes to jack, but especially when it comes to breaking the laws these criminals write yet break and expect us to follow.

everyone knows darn well that crooks come in ALL COLORS, and certainly the dems have built themselves quite a rainbow coalition of crooks and criminals with white collar honkey's right at the helm of the DC Garbage Skow.

So again we're 'equal opportunity' when it comes to prosecuting and punishing treason, which stealing from the American people when entrusted with public office "IS "as far as this tax paying American is concerned. Right? Your best friend steals your wallet and betrays you. He's a traitor right? Case closed ; )

And the people listed above as well as the long list left off are all traitors and deserve the penalty for treason but surely won't ever get it. They'll all get a couple years at Club Fed and a new crop will fall in right behind them all until we implement term limits.

What do you think's goin' on Drudge? It's racism.
Whitey witchcraft,

you know all the excuses etc. etc.....

Ethics panel to charge California Rep. Waters:

"WASHINGTON (AP) - A second House Democrat, Rep. Maxine Waters of California, could be facing an ethics trial this fall, further complicating the midterm election outlook for the party as it battles to hold onto its majority.

People familiar with the investigation, who were not authorized to be quoted about unannounced charges, say the allegations could be announced next week. The House ethics committee declined Friday to make any public statement on the matter.

Waters, 71, has been under investigation for a possible conflict of interest involving a bank that was seeking federal aid. Her husband owned stock in the bank and had served on its board.

New York Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel also faces an ethics trial this fall on separate charges that included failure to disclose assets and income, nonpayment of taxes and doing legislative favors for donors to a college center named after him.

Both Waters and Rangel are prominent members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the trials would be an embarrassment for the group. Dual ethics trials would also be a major political liability for Democrats, forcing them to defend their party's ethical conduct while trying to hold on to their House majority.

While Rangel is a former chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, Waters is a prominent member of the Financial Services Committee. continue reading this at My Way News


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. There is a mountain full of corruption among Democrats. Pelosi the wicked queen of swampdom, and the Dems need to booted out of office so that we can eliminate the stench and utter filth in congress.

  2. I tell ya Teresa I've never seen the Anti Obama fervor like I have in the past couple days everywhere I go physically and online.

    There's a swarm of angry WASPS ready to fill the air in November like we've never seen, over 70% voting rates could be realized when most elections are in the 30's to 50's. We've never seen a hostile black politician like this and those liberal white guilt people didn't wanna believe it..

    We did though and it should make us all weep for the countryas we do,  but feel good that we were spot on correct in calling it evil.

    At least we can tell the difference  ;)

  3. Ray, I really have nothing to add to this except say I am getting the same reactions on the "street" in anti-obama, anti-congress, anti-socialist fervor,

  4. If they know that average joes and Sue's like us know all thier names and how much they make and this and that they gotta know their days are numbered.

    I'm actually glad in a way these dems became so brazen as they did,  so even the 'hard to convince' can see it out in the open now.

    Liberals operate in a world of drug induced lies and deception trying  to con anyone and everyone they can, because the only way you can get people to destroy themselves and what's around them is getting them simultaneously dumbed down and hooked on drugs and alcohol.

    Then the self destruction is all on autopilot from there.


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