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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dem Grows Brain Cells as Virginia Senator Webb Calls for End to Diversity Programs

In other words and non PC BS that means Affirmative Action.

This is about the first time I've agreed with a democrat since Slick Willie finally admitted he was lying to the world about his under desk shenanigans most would call rape for taking advantage of a star stuck intern...
Virginia Senator Webb Calls for End to Diversity Programs: "Sen. Jim Webb is calling for an end to government-run diversity programs, saying they've only disadvantaged poor whites and hurt the cause of racial harmony.

In a column that appeared in Friday's Wall Street Journal, Webb argues that diversity programs have 'marginalized many white workers.'

He argues that the programs now jump new immigrants over similarly situated whites, and that diversity efforts now slight black Americans who were their original beneficiaries.

Webb spokeswoman Jessica Smith said the senator feels the column speaks for itself and would not comment on it.

The issue of ethnicity helped Webb win his seat in 2006 when Republican Sen. George Allen called a Webb aide of Indian descent 'macaca,' a slur in some cultures.

read more FOXNews.com -
Read Webb's Op Ed in the Journal called 'the myth of white privilege' here at this link

I'm all for this, an end of affirmative action, which actually was the only way the current president would have even gotten close to where he is as now we see the pitfalls of' degreeing' and 'providing diplomas' to people who are far below the expected levels of excellence once needed to do so, which has been deemed "racially discriminatory".

Which basically means 'they're too lazy to study hard enough to become smarter like the rest of us had to do in college'. And the post educational hiring of people who were expected to be a select elite by virtue of intelligence and much hard work has turned into the creation of segments of society who again are the 'right and wrong skin colors' for schooling and employment with the white man getting the shaft for something we had nothing to do with causes reverse racists and animosity.

What affirmative action was ridiculously supposed to bring an end to and has not. Rather, it's created a class of indoctrinated idiots and people ignorant to the real facts in the real world, many of whom have been 'given' what they 'have' by virtue of their skin color, as opposed to the others, who are denied this for the very same reason.

WTF kind of pretzel logic is that?.

A failed social engineering attempt by the liberal class which elevates people not on merit and collective and cumulative successes but skin color. And I believe even the 'deaf dumb and blind' can see this is the case with Obama, because he doesn't seem to know a GOSH damn thing about how to run a country and effectively wield massive power.

And frankly, that's bullshit from someone who supposedly graduated from what's supposed to be our finest learning institutions, which we know damn well he could never have passed muster on merit alone, nor afforded for the same, damn reasons.

There's as many white people out there who can't afford Harvard and Columbia as people of color, and you can bet your failing farm they don't get the financial assistance a black, poor person does, and I know.

Why I know is because my younger brother went to Cornell and Harvard and got dick, because our mother and father[although our parents were divorced] were both considered 'too wealthy' for any financial assistance other than Pell grants, despite the fact that my mother's income they considered was mostly my father's alimony and child support provided at the time.

So our dad paid ALL the bills anyways, with both myself and my bro paying him back while neither of us had to, yet again, the government gave either of us shit to do it, yet we all three managed to pay.

Was it easy for us? No.

Anything worth a damn in life isn't supposed to be easy, or otherwise everyone would do it.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. While I agree I am suspect of the timing. I don't believe Webb is up for election but he is a mouthpiece for the socialist party.

    With all the false vitriol about the Tea Party being racist and the AZ law and subsequent torrent of support for it also being labled racist and adding to that only 99 days til the election, one has to wonder why a socialist would bring this up now?

  2. No doubt your observations are correct,  but for them to at least acknowledge it is a step in the right direction ...

  3. There is the deal, it is not "them" but rather "he".

    I will remain on guard against any socialist backing a common sense conservative agenda much the same I do against any 'republican' carrying the water for socialist ones,,,Grahmnesty comes to mind.

    Buyer beware in a mid-term storm. There are nefarious reasons to bring this issue to bear at this point in time, guarunteed.

  4. Bloviating ZeppelinMonday, July 26, 2010

    I would concur.

    It stigmatizes blacks and minimizes their actual achievements when and where they occur.

    It keeps them "down" more than any white racist possible could.

    And it continues the LIE that blacks can't achieve on their own.


  5. I'm of the belief every single incumbent regardless of party needs removal every freaking one. And Lindsay Momo Graham is at the top of the list of traitors.

    The only people worth a damn besides Jim Demint and a scant few others are the conservative women . the rest are scum and I will fight for their removal and prosecution until my freaking fingers are bleeding from the typing ..

  6. It has been 40 years since the inception of Affirmative Action.  Since then it hasn't worked, it has only given the less talented a way into the best schools, and kept white students out.

    Reverse Discrimination is the best name for it.

  7. Tell me about it Katie....the most discriminated against people in America are young and middle aged white men like me.

    Add disability on top and you have a man who can only make a living in his own living room ....

  8. maggiesnotebookMonday, July 26, 2010

    I can't imagine we could agree with anything Jim Webb said. He has this one so right. My family has also ALWAYS paid retail. I'll read Webb's whole piece tomorrow. I'm about to call it quits for tonight. 

  9. I can't stand the man either frankly and felt he weasled his way into the seat all due to that bs macaca crap.

    Sweet dreams Maggie and we'll see ya tommorrow... :)

  10. It's very true Ray.  I'm glad you are doing such a good job and are getting better every day.
    All incumbents must GO, except a very tiny few you mentioned.  :*


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