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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Videos | Rep. Stark Mocks Americans: Who Are You gonna Kill Today? | Beck on BP Crisis And Obama

This worthless SOB needs to be removed from Office immediately but sadly can only be taken out at the election and these are the kind of worthless scum we have in office today and it's our fault for electing them so the time has come just like Saddam, to take them out of the political arena forever.

This here is one gigantic a hole who needs to be retired and put out to pasture.

A California congressman known for edgy sarcasm mocked an opponent of illegal immigration during a town hall meeting last week, asking, "Who are you going to kill today?" before the constituent, a self-identified Minuteman, posed his question.

This is the actual man who had to take that shit from that jagoff  being spoken to by Stuart Varney of Fox News in the video below   These people have gotten so way far out of touch and control, we should really look to prosecute as many of them as possible once we get them out of office.

I'll personally donate the time and money to help that movement in any way and won't rest until this man is investigated from Six ways to Sunday until his certain malfeasance appears on the front pages of every website in America!

This one here was Glenn Beck on the BP Crisis and Obama's neglect in getting things done and how the government is in cahoots with our government since they changed their name to "Beyond Petroleum".

This is all a scam and anyone who's signed any legislation related to global warming and or climate change should also be brought up on charges of fraud and if convicted life in prison would be too kind. Our founders would NOT tolerate any single one of these people.

Not a one. 


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. He's another one of these dem lifers that need immediate extrication from office. Term Limits needs his picture next to Barney Frank's, Pelosi's, Reid's and John Kerry's pictures. Get rid of those 4 scumbuckets and the entire country changes overnight. Barney Fag has done more to damage the country than any one single politician in our history and this man was under the radar until now.


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