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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stun Gun Assault: Angry Father Uses Stun Gun on Daughter's friend over Naked Genitals Photo -

I'd a Used a Real One.

If some 23 year old pervert sent my 17 year old daughter pics like this he'd be lucky to get a stun gun shot like this one did.

TEMECULA, Calif. -- An angry father is accused of using a stun gun on a 23 year old man who sent his 17 year old daughter an explicit cell phone picture.

William Atwood Sr., 45, was charged Wednesday with multiple felonies in connection with the case.

Authorities say Atwood lured Justin Moore to his home, ordered him to strip down to his boxer shorts, and tied him up and tased him with a stun gun before turning him over to a sheriff's deputy.

Moore told authorities he sent a photo of his genitals to several friends, including Atwood's daughter, as a joke.

Atwood apparently didn't think the joke was funny when his daughter told him about the picture in January.

According to court records, Atwood called the Sheriff's Department saying that Moore sent pornography to a child.

Before detectives could investigate the claim, Atwood told deputies that Moore came to his home uninvited.

Stun Gun Assault: Angry Father Uses Stun Gun on Daughter's friend over Naked Photo - KDVR

He says in this article "I sent my genitals out as a joke hahaha".

I've been blogging and surfing since '92 when I was 30 and in all that time, even in the early AOL days I haven't gotten any 'genital' shots as 'jokes' from guy 'friends', not even girlfriends for that matter. I prefer the real thing.

I just don't see the 'humor' in sending young girls pictures of one's penis, and apparently I ain't alone in this one .....although this father got a 'little premeditated' out of hand, and may find himself in prison.

When the upside down legal system gets done, he might has well have just killed him, he'd probably get out of prison a couple years sooner than he will for this I'd bet. If you have to go prison for using a stun gun, might as well make it 'worth it' and use the 'real thing' I always say.

Just look at all these headlines below from today's 'link menu' that popped for this post in Zemanta.....what chaos, it's like just another 'run of the mill violence filled day' in the "Age of Obama".


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  1. Sure the guy did it as a joke.  Nothing should happen to this father as he had to do the job of fathering that the 22 year old must have never received.  I mean, wouldn't you if it was your daughter?

  2. <span>Like I sais,  I woulda shot his ass for real. The prison sentence would be the same :(


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