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Friday, June 18, 2010

Plasma and LCD Owners, A Must Read Post If 'Mirror-Like' Screens Matter To You

I won't make this the usual ranting post although it's lengthy it's worth it (promise), in fact I never do this, as they have to 'twist my arm to fill out the 'ratings' pages on Amazon where I spend almost all my internet purchase money, and the reason I do it is this, which many consumers don't know about, which is an Amazon service as well Iwish to alert people to that's useful, where I purchased this great LCD polish.:

When I was crippled I tried to basically purchase everything online, being wheelchair bound makes running to the store quite a brutal adventure avoided at all costs. I used to shop in the middle of the night when the world sleeps to go to Walgreens if I had to, because it's smaller than a grocery store, bigger than the Muslim owned convenience stores I won't patronize, and easier to navigate in a wheelchair.

Click the pic for PRIME questions and answers (new tab)

They have a service called "Prime Shipping" in which one pays only $75 a year and all your shipping is free, 2 days for everything, and $3:99 overnite, which enabled me to buy $5 items at Amazon .

Nowadays they can hook you up with almost anything but cars and houses, and have them shipped practically OVERNITE after about your third or fourth purchase... really.It pays off quickly.

It's the most incredible deal on the internet, and I just don't know how anyone who shops online regularly doesn't utilize it. Were I Amazon I'd advertise it on TV AND Radio all day, every day.

It's an incredible bargain, please believe me, you'll be so happy if this matters to you, as some don't care what these LCD monitors and TV's look like. I do, as I stare at them for a living. My girlfriend's screens you can scrape the dirt off of after a couple days. I just cannot stand dirty, fingerprinted screens. GRRRRR. I know, it's anal.

It also comes in incredibly handy for holidays, birthdays, as Fathers day, for example, I ordered 2 books and a golfing range finder for my pops, and they're there already over night ordered Wednesday with free shipping now and for the rest of the year.

So, I'm a real 'stickler' for spotless LCD screens since my living revolves around art and design, and in our business, color accuracy it absolutely a MUST, as my clients, which include some of Chicago 's top printers and Design firms, want accuracy.

Since we do all our communication online, much of production comes after my work is finalized and signed off on. It's really the first step of the printing process. And if I screw it up, printing presses all around Chicago are idle until I fix it.

So I've tried all kinds of shit to easily clean my 2 65 inch LCD's and my 5 lcd computer monitors in my office, and I've finally found something that I recommend so wholeheartedly I was compelled to do this post to share it with you all, which I NEVER DO HERE with products but everyone can use this.

Perhaps the company will see it and send me a free case of this stuff ....wink wink wink....lol . this is totally unsolicited though, honestly.

This is the product: CLEAN DR.

And the little Prime Logo indicates to Prime customers that the shipping deals qualify, which means I got it shipped here for 8 dollars total ordered Wednesday with some guitar strings..

What a deal? No? You don't even have to leave the freaking house! Even though I can walk now I still use it a couple times a week for one thing or another related to my work usually.

Then this is the final result after about only 3 minutes of cleaning, just spay a light film, then wipe and buff it lightly and this is what it looks like! And trust me when I say the 'picture doesn't do it justice".

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS use Mircofiber cloths, a new one each time if possible as anything on those rags scratches the F888 out of these things on the screen or the bezel. No Paper products ever, scratch city usually unless it's really wet.

It actually looks better now than it did when I bought it a year ago, a Samsung 55 " 1080P LED HDTV UN55c5000..

You can see that's practically spotless, and I use only a feather duster for everyday cleaning, and the microfiber rags that you can order with it are the way to go. You can see the blue rag in the picture. One actually comes with the product.

It's almost like a mirror, I shiite you not. That's the window you see in the opposite end of the room about 30 feet away. It's almost like the tv picture in fact but this photo's a bit blurry. : (

It Honestly looks even better in person and it's really the best thing out there. I've tried them all. Everything leaves a coating or streaking, yet with that product it looks like that after just a couple minutes.

The first time I cleaned the whole screen it took me a half hour to rub out and buff the streaks out with any other cleaner.

Here's my laptop on my desk as well, same thing, like a mirror.

I do hope this information was of use for many of you and you should check it out for yourself, it's a wonderful product that meets it's expectations and claims, an unusual thing to find online sometimes.

Another great thing about doing all that shopping at Amazon is they have totally hassle free returns and you never even have to encounter some poor Indian working for $9 an hour on the phone in Islamabad to get a refund if the product sucks. Then if it does suck, you write a bad review and the companies 'kiss your ass' to rectify it.

You use offbrand places, you often end up with junk, and cant ever return the stuff easily and usually at your expense.

Good luck if you do choose to use it, you will NOT be disappointed, and thanks for reading ; )

I was NOT paid by Amazon nor CleanDr for this endorsement.


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  1. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeSaturday, June 19, 2010

    Ok 2 more things we have in common- I also own an acer and am a HUGE fan of Amazon Prime Shipping! I have been a member for 2 years.  I do not know what I did without it! I have even order paper for less than $1.00 for no shipping costs! Sometimes I even feel guilty that it prob cost them more to ship it than what I bought!  I pray the day never comes where they get rid of it.  Thank you for the info on the LCD cleaner-I have been looking for a good one.

  2. I've had this for a couple years now as well.....I know how you feel about the small items but they must be making  out on it or they'd discontinue it I would think. We online junkies are the ones who know about it, if more knew they'd get online just for that, I know my late mother would have loved it.

    Seriously though I have over 10 grand of equipment in my house just in LCD tv's and screens and I cleaned them all with this shit in like 30 minutes, 10 different screens.

    It's better than ANYTHING and I'm a professional graphics man and I'd have this product in all my offices if I still had them, and it also worked for some of my musical equipment too, and it only costs less than $10..!!  I used maybe an 1/6th of the bottle, and I just use a real featherduster and they should stay clean for another 6 months. Not the comp monitors but the TVs....these 65 inch things are damn hard to clean but not anymore... 

    Seriously I'm not selling the shit, I just thought it would be useful to my friends out here but you can see how popular the post was/   :(

  3. OOps the ACER laptop is pretty new, I also have a baby acer and a Dell Inspiron for my bedroom and 3 desktops throughout the house. I've had ACER's since the beginning, ACER 333 mghz Aspire was my first home comp and my aunt still uses it 10 years later but it sucks for movies and stuff but for just surfing and letters, email it's great. I'm a geekaholic now, when I was wheelchair bound that's all I did 20 hours a day.


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