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Monday, June 7, 2010

Facebook’s new Islamic rival Springs From DrawMuhammad Day...(up for another anyone, since it worked?)

Now if we can only offend them enough to start their own airlines well we're really making some progress!

Well, to all those liberals who bemoaned 'Draw Muhammad Day" it looks like it was an utter success as it's apparently chased some Muslims off Facebook as they're firing up their own "Kalahl" version which I've got an advance 'screen shot' of through my spy network

Some of the pictures sure do look familiar to me....19 of them , well, maybe 20 no, all of them, in fact, if it wasn't for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, NONE of them would look familiar. ;)

That day worked so good, perhaps we should demand immediately that Homeland Security start hanging 'Muhammad Cartoons' everywhere like 'Muslim Kryptonite' at every American airport, and if God is really smiling on us, they'll abandon those as well of their own free will, after some initial moaning and groaning we can all just agree to ignore.

Like this little mock up I made, this should do the trick I think, no? ;)

Allah Willing!...

Halal clone: Facebook’s new rival-“A ghetto? No… no… no.” That’s 25-year-old Omer Zaheer Meer, CEO of Millatfacebook, an Islamic social networking website launched nine days after Pakistan banned Facebook for not removing a page that invited people to draw Prophet Mohammed, an act considered blasphemous by Muslims.

“We requested Facebook to remove the offending pages but they did not even bother to reply,” Meer said from his Lahore office

A cruder, slower, restrictive copy, Millatfacebook has added 2,54,000 members in its 11-day life. Even the look-feel of the website resembles the original that it seeks to condemn.

If Millatfacebook is the spontaneous rebellion of Islam against the “offensive” Facebook, why have the word ‘facebook’ in it? “Calling it any other thing would not have worked,” Meer said. “This name, without speaking a word, says what we’re all about.”

And what’s that? “People from all faiths are welcome to come and interact with one another and understand Muslims,” Meer said. “(It is) to provide a platform to decent people of different faiths to come in harmony.”

Who’s decent? “Nobody has to define ‘decent’. There are socially-acceptable norms where personal freedom ends when it hurts another. It’s there in real life and so it is in cyberspace.”

The Facebook ban has been withdrawn till June 15. What’s left is yet another social networking website that now will stand for ‘religious capitalism’.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I think we should have only toilet paper with Mo's face on it.  Wait...  that wouldn't work, they wipe with their hands...

    I think them having their own separate internet is a good thing.  We should go one better and let them have their own separate place to live...  Wait, they do...  Get the hell out and go back to the armpit known as the Middle East and you won't have to worry about infidels insulting your hero!

  2. I like the airport banner, btw

  3. The clamor so much to change our shit they have no reason to even be here other than to overtake us.

  4. Here's the original full sized one, I made this way back when the Muhammad Cartoons started, and thats when I started this particular blog, during that bullshit crisis.

  5. And thanks dangit I forgot ;)


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