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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dems Stealing Chunks of Liberty On Chicago lakefront: Police hope cameras, bag checks curb violence

If this was a republican doing this the ACLU and the entire kit and kaboodle on the left would become about as apoplectic over this as they were over Waterboarding killer terrorists, even the one of 3 responsible for 911 by their own admission, which president Bush to my delight told an audience last night in Michigan "he'd do all over again to save lives".

Sure sounds a helluva lot better and better each passing moment, as the Obama Romper Room Marxist Kindergarten class is failing all subjects with flying colors, while soaked up to it's neck in corruption and crude oil.

From The Chicago Tribune:

Since last week's spate of violence along the lakefront at North Avenue, Chicago police have installed security cameras and started random checks of bags and coolers for alcohol as people walk into the beach area, city officials said Wednesday.

Ald. Vi Daley, 43rd, said the random checks were started after several arrests and a shooting between Fullerton and North avenues.

Chicago police officials said the searches target illegal drinking on the beach — the cause of several recent incidents in which beachgoers and police were injured.

Daley said there is also concern about a violent element coming to the beach. She did not think the checks would need to remain in place permanently, noting they could make people uncomfortable.

But she also said police were responding to "intimidating'' groups who wreck the experience for others.

"People should be able to enjoy the beach,'' she said. "During the day I don't think we really have a problem. Everything happens as it gets darker. The climate changes a little bit.'' read more....

North Avenue Beach, Chicago Illinois..
So back to Daley taking more freedoms away because a bunch of lowlife scum were arrested for shooting at each others, not beach goer's but lowlife gangbanging scum. So the answer from a liberal is to 'choke off the liberty of law abiding citizens thanks to 1% of the population to try and catch the one percenter's in the act when they'll just go where the camera's aren't pointing just as they do in the city.

They only help after a crime, they never stop them.

And would he allow people like myself to go armed, these gangbangers would have had to duck shots coming from the 'good guys' until the cops arrived with a meatwagon if me and my buddies were on that beach that day, and I've been here a 1000 times since high school.

However, as kids our wonderful parents and other family members usually took us all to Wauconda up north as opposed to the city beaches, this one in particular, made famous in the Blues Brothers which you non Chicagoan's may remember by this scene at "Phil's Beach" cropped from the actual movie ......*check the notes after the pic...

( the boy in the blue shorts in that brief scene, that's my little brother Brent, as he was an extra in the movie by virtue of my mom and her sister going up there and bringing him a few friends on the day they were filming this by accident, when they (he and his friends) were about 12, and this is the scene he was in.

They were each paid a $100 and has pictures of he, his friend Dewey along with Belushi and Akroyd at a luncheon they had for all the extras that day, along with the uncashed check he has hanging in his home office, the kids freaked on it )

Back to the North avenue and Oak street beaches.....

This is about half of the downtown beachfront along with "Oak Street Beach" which is concrete and off in the horizon closer to the Hancock building which this beach eventually "turns into"

Yet the Oak street spot was more expensive counting parking, plus, it's actually 'concrete' which isn't too comfortable but that didn't bother all the people from hanging there every weekend in the summer months. At least it was when I was going down there with my buddies every weekend in the late 80's.

A time when you could bring beer, liquor, food, weed, whatever the hell you wanted to, until the gangbanging Latino's and Brutha's along with NeoScum white trash as well took over the city and turned into the "mexican border" for all intents and purposes with the influx of literally hundreds of thousands of illegals everywhere you turn. Mexican, Russian, Somalian, Ethiopian, Polish, Italian, although most of the Eastern Europeans got here legally since the swim is a little far for them.

It's a 200 meter breast stroke for the Illegal Olympic team which no longer exists since all the runners, jumpers and swimmers are already here sucking off the "pipe" of American generosity.

Allow people to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and all of a sudden Chicago's finest have 100,000 deputies ready to take these losers on when needed. But no, he'd rather take the weapons away from law abiding people to turn them all into easy targets and pushovers for armed scum.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Great post Ray!  Living here forever, I've experienced alot along the lake like you.
    So, I'm just as pissed as you are with Daley and the Nazi's.

    Anyway, people who want to drink at the lake will fill their big pop bottles w/ booze
    before they go, and the gangbangers aren't there to drink anyway.  What a mess.
    I'm glad I had my fun "childhood" before all this crap started.

    Cool story with Brent & Dewey!

  2. Another great rant, Ray! I like the free association and flow of your thoughts when you get on a roll. I remember when lakes, riverside swimming holes, and public pools (like Omaha's Peony Park) were safe and fun.

  3. Thanks man, I needed that today.....I just try to write differently, like how I talk basically, I'm strarting to wonder if everyone thinks I'm a nut!  I'm just lucky in a way that as a younger adult I have all the time I want to do what I want'.  I'm lucky that way, unlucky in others.

    I could filter this all and sound like everyone else, and I'm what you see. Some love it some hate it.

    I hope all is well with your situation there brother and thanks a million for the encouraging words! I appreciate them more than you know.

  4. His freakin nickname is "Golden Boy" because everything he does and touches turns to gold, seriously. He's one of those people who does everything the right way and it's all paid off for him in a big way..   If he wasn't my brother I'd hate him !!!  NO of course I'm just kidding. I on the other hand medically at least wouldn't have any luck if it wasn't bad...   :(   lol

  5. <span>It was cool for them indeed...they even work together, are partners in a Financial firm here...  
    I wasn't there that day, I was visiting our father in St Louis for a summer and that's what I missed that summer in 77 or 80, I can't remember..  
    Sorry for kicking that idiot down a notch on your blog Teresa, I can't help but to defend women not that you weren't handling him on your own. They just wanna keep going back and forth and back and forth ...they never STFU!!!  
    Sorry and yea I am too glad, this city used to be a beautiful place, heck that's why I still live here, but in the past 4 years its gone to he&& and back....</span>


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