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Friday, June 25, 2010

BREAKING:Washington Compost Slime Weigel Resigns

This is the scum who uttered that "Matt Drudge should set himself on fire and he's long been a covert liberal posing as a conservative for this rag. I've hated this newspaper ever since Watergate.


Here's a lengthy compilation of his raging hate filled anti conservative emails that led to his bailing like the pussy troll he is. There's 20,000 conservative writers out here who are real conservatives but a so called top level newspaper hires a freaking liberal posing as a conservative.

What jack asses these newspaper people are and that's why I quit the Chicago Tribune 12 years ago as these rags have all been carrying liberal water for an entire generation now and that's another reason why I blog. To show that a man who used to print the damn papers can write it just as well if not better than ones they hire to do it even then, and especially nowadays.

We hated most of these people in the pressrooms back then, and I imagine they do even more so today than ever, seeing their liberal bias is bankrupting the industry. It isn't the internet.

FIRST ON FBDC: FishbowlDC has confirmed that WaPo conservative-beat blogger Dave Weigel has resigned after a slew of his anti-conservative comments and emails surfaced on FishbowlDC and Daily Caller over the last two days.

A spokesperson for the Post said the paper will not offer additional comments but confirmed that the writer's resignation was accepted.

The should have fired HIS ass long ago as everyone knew he wasn't a conservative except the dumb asses that run that dump.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Good riddance! The POS poser resigned.

  2. He is scum. I hate people who lie about their backgrounds on the internet, it makes it hard to trust anyone about anything, especially from that tribe. I think half the Facebook and tritter folks are subversives who are compliling info on us all...just a thought.


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