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Sunday, May 23, 2010

U.S. Implicates North Korean Leader in Attack - NYTimes.com

If the west, led by the U.S., along with Japan and the South don't take this man out after this attack, and don't march right through the DMZ past the 38th parallel to flatten Pyongyang and Kim Jong Il's cribs Monday morning, then pull our troops OUTTA THERE, and let the North and South hammer it out like should have been done by MacArthur and Truman in '55, while the useless UN does their usual, worthless pud diddling.

Our wussified Obama government known darn well they pulled off this attack, and many think they caused the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe as well, no matter what the company line has been with BPOBAMA Inc.

This is how I feel about it pretty much today.....

If they're using Subs to attack South Korea's warships which used to be called an act of freaking war, why not that thing?

I don't buy the "blowout" scenario because they're all so unprepared for something like this which is usually a hallmark of a sneak attack. They would keep it quiet because the uproar from knowing a lousy North Korean sub was in our waters and pulled off a stealth attack like this would beyond and embarrassment and would sound the 'death knell' for Obama and the democrats for eternity in this country, and they know it.

Especially since we've had 4 Muslim terror attacks on our soil since this dickwad was elected. Count em 4. Not a one in 7 years with president Bush, aside from 911 of course which was planned entirely on Slick's watch, while he was watching Monica's head bobbing up and down under his desk every other day.

WASHINGTON — A new American intelligence analysis of a deadly torpedo attack on a South Korean warship concludes that Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader of North Korea, must have authorized the torpedo assault, according to senior American officials who cautioned that the assessment was based on their sense of the political dynamics there rather than hard evidence.

The officials said they were increasingly convinced that Mr. Kim ordered the sinking of the ship, the Cheonan, to help secure the succession of his youngest son.

“We can’t say it is established fact,” said one senior American official who was involved in the highly classified assessment, based on information collected by many of the country’s 16 intelligence agencies. “But there is very little doubt, based on what we know about the current state of the North Korean leadership and the military.”

Nonetheless, both the conclusion and the timing of the assessment could be useful to the United States as it seeks to rally support against North Korea.

On Monday, South Korea’s president, Lee Myung-bak, who has moved cautiously since the assault, is expected to call for the United Nations Security Council to condemn the attack and is likely to terminate the few remaining trade ties between North and South that provide the North with hard currency.

But those steps have little chance of proving meaningful unless China, which hosted Mr. Kim two weeks ago, agrees to join the condemnation and refuses to make up whatever revenue North Korea loses from any trade embargoes. China, North Korea’s last true ally, has traditionally been reluctant to pressure the North too much, even when the North Koreans conducted nuclear tests, for fear of toppling the government and sending a flood of refugees across its border.

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