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Monday, May 17, 2010

Shocker: US grants asylum to Obama's African aunt, His Bro Next? Then Cousin Muhammad, then......

CLEVELAND (AP)—Attorneys for President Barack Obama's African aunt say a decision has been made in her bid for asylum in the United States. Zeituni Onyango (zay-TOO'-nee ohn-YAHN'-goh), the half-sister of Obama's late father, is from Kenya. 

The decision from U.S. immigration officials hasn't been announced. Onyango's attorneys plan to make a statement Monday afternoon in Cleveland. Onyango moved to the United States in 2000. 

Her first asylum request was rejected, and she was ordered deported in 2004. But she didn't leave the country and continued to live in public housing in Boston. In February, she testified on her own behalf at closed proceedings in U.S. Immigration Court in Boston. 
Even mean old conservatives don't want the president's aunt living AS AN ILLEGAL in these projects of Boston as she was when Obama 'all of a sudden' popped on the national stage, even surprising the Clinton's of all people not to mention Obama himself or he'd of taken care of problems like this and his birth cert one would think ., But then again he was made president without it so I guess that shit isn't important anymore.

Especially when all these sweet, totally "green"  luxurious Kenyan huts back home are available.

After all his own brother lines in one, why can't his auntie move in to this palace since Barry and family are too freaking cheap to put her up in a decent home for the few years she has left. No, he'd rather send us the f-[)*_)& bill instead..

 If this is good enough for him then why not her or is he the next "Obama" on the dole since Obama Momma in Law has been shacked up at the White House since day 1.  This is the neighborhood Aunti doesn't seem to wanna return to.I guess I can see why, although I can't see how a man who's supposed to be US born has all these relatives back in Kenya huh?

  I sure wouldn't let anyone elderly whom I love live like this and don't, as my brother and I help support BOTH our Aunts so they don't have to, and I'm sure you wouldn't either as we would make sure it didn't happen. 

We're not even the president,  so what does that say about him?

 Better yet, maybe we can just build them one of those in the backyard next to the garden so Obama's bro can tend to the Medicinal Weed patch and earn his keep huh


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Sad but true, Ray!  Obummer is a disgrace, he should go back to kenya and live in a hut w/ his brother, and all his other relatives.

  2. I've never seen family treated like this but then again I've never seen a family where the mother dumps the child off with the grandparents so she can travel the world chasing promiscuous, drunken Muslim men after birthing little Barry in Daddy's mammy's little kenyan hut which is why there's no real birth certificate and all he has is this everyday COLB.


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