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Friday, May 28, 2010

Scholarship to go to illegal immigrants

Santa Ana College will dedicate a scholarship for illegal immigrant students in memory of 27-year-old immigration activist Tam Ngoc Tran of Garden Grove, who was killed in a crash involving a suspected drunken driver in Maine on May 15.

The dedication will take place during a ceremony at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday

Tran, who was pursuing a doctorate in Brown University in Rhode Island , was herself an illegal immigrant in pursuit of U.S. citizenship. She was a student at Santa Ana College before transferring to UCLA.

The scholarship would lack meaning if the student selected for the award were not taking the same path to citizenship as Tran, said Sara Lundquist, vice president of Student Affairs at Santa Ana. So, for example, an international student with a student visa will not qualify for this scholarship, she said.

"Tam dedicated her time and energy advocating for children of undocumented immigrants who were brought into this country and grew up as Americans, but are not even permanent residents," Lundquist said.

The college is creating a $2,500 matching scholarship in Tran's name and is hoping that more people come forward with donations to add to it.. source

Excuse me....I'm not heartless and it's too bad this obviously well rounded woman was on her way to a likely positive contribution to society .....at our expense...Sorry. that's where the tears end.

How many American citizens have been killed by Illegal aliens drunk behind the wheel of an automobile with (A) NO License, (B) NO papers (C) No insurance leaving 'wrecked lives' in their wake?

Too many to count..that's how many.

How about a scholarship in her name for Americans instead of rewarding more bad behavior which the left loves to excuse so eventually "there are no rules for anyone anywhere any time on our way to Gomorrah.

This is ridiculous, as the land this place sits on, the people who work there and so on "IS PUBLICLY OWNED PROPERTY AND ARE TAX PAYER FUNDED EMPLOYEES"

Therefore, it makes no difference where the $2500 comes from whether it's 'privately funded' or paid for by us, as it will be going to someone here in this country illegally, which means their parents are here illegally and they weren't born her OR they would be "Anchor Babies" who WOULD BE ridiculously ENTITLED!!

What an affront to poor, yet goal driven American born and bred students who's parents don't break our laws to get here in order to steal this from American citizens.

The left has literally lost their collective minds and are learning no lessons from the collapse of Greece and can only be wishing the sameon America with misguided 'feel good' emotional thinking like this.

This is part of the reason I hate Obama. My family PAID for me and my siblings to go to college and even while our parents were divorced yet close, we couldn't even get PELL GRANTS because our father and mother made "TOO MUCH MONEY"

Our collective educations, mine at UVA my brother at Cornell & Harvard Business School cost over 1.3 million dollars that my dad would still be paying if my rich brother didn't pay him back. Something of which I haven't been able to do mostly due to catastrophic illnesses, a brain tumor and now Multiple Sclerosis for my education

Payed in full by my deceased Mother and Father.

Yet Obama gets the affirmative action rate along will millions of others, which is about 200 times less than my younger brother paid for the 'same' education, on paper at least because Obama couldn't hold my brother's jock strap and yet is the president.

Furthermore, Brent was at the top of his class at both schools and a government major.

See why I despise Illegal aliens getting scholarships? I hope so.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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