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Monday, May 17, 2010

Portland K-4 Children Given Comic Books Describing Sodomy, Murder, etc..

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This is all over the news this morning  and parents aren't happy about their kindergartners asking them what Sodomy means among other swell dinner conversations for the family.....in prison showers and bathhouses perhaps.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Joe Alvaro's 10-year-old son generally knows what sex is. But the Southeast Portland father wasn't prepared for the questions from his son after the boy finished classes a week ago at Llewellyn Elementary School.

Among them: What's sodomy?

Turns out the fourth-grader came across the term, as well as descriptions of sexual abuse and other crimes in a 24-page comic-style booklet put together by the Portland Police Bureau and handed out to all the students, kindergarten through fifth grade, at Llewellyn.

The "Operation Safe Summer" brochure, distributed annually through Portland Public Schools to all district schools, mostly includes information about summer programs for children at the Oregon Zoo, Portland Parks and Recreation and other activities.
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Nice.  The scrubbed brochure can be seen here, a pdf doc...brochure ..and nothing resembling that is now in it, but we know it was there since the police said this
A spokesperson for the bureau said some of the information in the brochures was never intended for young children. However, schools handed it out – and now some parents want answers. 


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  1. Bloviating ZeppelinMonday, May 17, 2010

    Silly.  But, after all, it IS Portland.  'Nuff said.


  2. WEll, at my children's school the staff decided to let the 6th graders join the website shelfari . Many of you are aware that it is a social website where readers discuss books they have read. To my surprise, there are groups on there that discuss anal sex etc. The children were vulnerable to being invited by these members into these groups. I pointed this out to the staff and they said that they were not aware there was such group topics on there. I asked if they had researched the website and they said no. They said that it was recommended by someone at CPS so they thought it was ok.  Needless to say, after my conversation they promptly deleted all of the student accounts. I then pointed out the fact that had they read shelfari guidelines, they would of seen the students were not even of age to join. Also, the own CPS policy strictly prohibits school computers to be used for social networking sites. Then they wonder why the parents have to police the school.

  3. I actually had a widget for that online book club deal, none of these places kids should be allowed, they shouldn't even be allowed to purchase anything online because they need a credit card which they shouldn't have ...


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