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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama gives half mil of OUR $ To Support Ground Zero MOSQUES. That's now plural.

Two count em two Mosques within RPG distance of Ground Zero.

One in the Burlington Coat factory damaged from the debris from the Islamic Hijacked and Driven Jets that killed 3000 freaking Americans that day along with a smaller one down the other street.

Close enough distance to Ground Zero so they can take it down the next time right from the roof of their mosques.

What Dhimmi's in that city government along with our federal Muslim appeasers and THEIR Leader already ensconced at 1600 to press all the buttons when "his king" sends the orders.

Plus we now have one below which is in the DC suburbs, which will really come in handy to store all the ammo and weapons for their eventual "war inside and on the states" to capture this country as their own Islamic kingdom.

Hell they state they want to do it all day long for anyone listening, which means about 55% of America and about 10% of the Muslim appeasing world around us.

Why not build one right on the White house lawn so the Muslims have places to store all those weapons in tens of thousands of "Islam Worshipers Only" clubhouses to plan and pray for the end of America.

And the new and long anticipated beginning of their Islam Crown Jewel of Conquests when they finally do run over the landscape noisily building armies right in our backyards which began in 1993 when Slick was copping blow jobs in the Oral Office.

Laugh all you want, they're patient people and they're plotting this shit right in the wide open and we all know it..Fort Hood, Christmas Underwear Bomber, Times Square Bomber etc.

The Next one could be the last one.


Bend over and take it til it ends.

WASHINGTON – The federal government is financially supporting and officially embracing a radical mosque in the Washington suburbs that is directly connected to al-Qaida and the 9/11 attacks as well as other terrorism.

The Census Bureau has signed a two-year, $582,000 lease with Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, where top al-Qaida recruiter Anwar Awlaki ministered to the Pentagon hijackers and the Fort Hood terrorist as a mosque leader.

Meanwhile, the State Department is taking diplomatic trainees on tours of the large Falls Church, Va., mosque, while featuring it in a video as a model depiction of Islam in America – even as the Department of Homeland Security warns that it is a terrorist front.

It's the must-read book that exposes the Muslim Mafia from the inside out, autographed, from WND's Superstore!

According to recently declassified internal reports obtained by the respected Investigative Project on Terrorism, Homeland Security has warned federal agents that Dar al-Hijrah is "operating as a front for Hamas" and "has been under numerous investigations for financing and proving (sic) aid and comfort to bad orgs and members."

WND has learned authorities are also investigating the mosque for child molestation and credit card fraud, following reports of mysterious Dar al-Hijrah line-item charges appearing on the statements of local individuals not even connected to the mosque.

Republican U.S. Rep. John Carter, whose Texas district includes Fort Hood, has demanded the government sever its lease, citing the threat Dar al-Hijrah poses to homeland security.

"The purpose for creating this cabinet-level agency (Homeland Security) in 2002 was to coordinate all agencies of the federal government to prevent any more radical Islamic attacks like 9-11," Carter said. "Eight years later and they can't even tell a federal agency they're renting office space from the very mosque involved with the 9-11 attacks, and that has seeded this past year's assaults through the likes of Awlaki."

via U.S. government lauds, funds 9/11 mosque

When and where does this madness end?

We have liberals jumping up and down if the government so much as starts to say the name of GOD and yet we have Muslims touting Islam under our freaking noses and using our freaking money to pay for a *()YT(*&%(*&%)_ Mosque?

Where's the ACLU? Proof positive they're nothing but bleeding blue blood commies now as that's the new color of the Communist blood, democrat blue.

Every person in Washington DC and that includes the civil employees need to all be fired and re hired with new scrutiny placed on anyone not USA born. As the country has radical Islamists all through our government like cockroaches, and the military as well as the Fort Hood Massacre proves.

Furthermore, Obama is obviously carrying the water for Islam and used Reverend Wright's church as the cover, and I'll even go as far as to say his family is a cover too.

We've seen Gays marry to cover their tracks, so why not Radical Islamists, like Obama appears to be more of each day?

I really am beginning to think he's a Muslim spy now.

I didn't before, but I do now, and the evidence is staring America right in the face. Dihmmis all around us bending over letting Islam overrun our society and government more each day my making moves like this.

This is the next thing they'll be trying to build in Dearborn or elsewhere where the Islamic culture rules inside of America already.

We even have a Muslim Ms USA now as we all can see and I ranted my ass off about the other day that's still attracting traffic from loons all over. As if this woman represents anyone except Donald Trump and Islam.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. I knew he was using the Reverend Wright all along as part of his scam to go to work in the government for the advancement of Muslim causes and as i said, people fake marriages in the liberal homo world as we saw with NJ governor McGreevy the momo who was married to cover his pillow puffing so why not a Muslim pretending to be a CHristian. It's not the first time and wont be the last


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