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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama Effigy Burned at Wisconsin Bar Thursday night, | Also Flashback as Liberals burn soldier, hang Palin effigy

I'm going to preface this by going on the record saying this is unacceptable to me just like it was/is every time liberals torch up a flag or an effigy or George Bush, which I myself have witnessed occur in both cases, so if I've seen it here in Chicago you've seen in by them in your nearest big city as well. (video below Obama story)

It's also free speech and has been deemed as such.

Hell, look what some Mexicans were photographed doing to a Joe Arpaio effigy right here....

Where's the outrage?? They're having a little Joe Pinata fest here and enjoying it just like these idiots below.

With that being said I bring you some drunk idiots mostly not really a threat to anyone but themselves, the trees they'll hit on the way home or hopefully instead of another person, or burning the building down, but they're too drunk and stupid to hurt Obama .

WTMJ EXCLUSIVE WEST ALLIS - A bar owner could be in serious trouble with the federal government. He was videotaped burning a statue of President Obama.And the whole thing was video taped.

So far, the bar owner hasn't explained why a bar tender torched the statue of the President a cheering crowd. People in West Allis were shouting and laughing as a bar tender torched the statue for the crowd.

Flames tore through the statue with what looks like duct tape wrapped around it's
neck.West Allis Police say they found out about the incident after it was reported at Yester Years Pub and Grill on Greenfield Avenue.

West Allis police say the Secret Service is also investigating.

The Secret Service investigates any possible threats against the president.TODAY TMJ4 obtained video from someone who watched the fire and said they feel upset.The President of Milwaukee's NAACP is outraged and worries it could be racially motivated.

"Very offensive. And it sends a terrible message to other people," said Jerry Ann Hamiltonvia

Another idiot did something similar here and once again to be clear I agree with the caveat that the liberals made this behavior acceptable to the far fringe on both sides, and here's one of hundreds of these type left wing anarchist videos from the WTO conferences every year no matter where they're held that to choose from.

But I picked this one for a reason; burning a flag or a soldier, commander in chief, see what I'm getting at?

Not condoning but understanding how some people get nutty when they get drunk and Hollywood knows all about that now don't they?

Again, this was wrong and helps nothing just like the idiot who cheated on his wife so that covers right wing idiocy... now for some left wing lunatic fringe greatest hits.

Not to mention the fact of the matter is, Obama and his government have literally stolen billions of American's personal wealth along with the help of both aisles, but now the democrats own this bi racial train wreck, and they can't blame it on Americans as Obama did with the Mexican Bandito in Sheep's clothing at our White House just today, which compelled me to make that ribbon at the top corner I was so pissed, and we all know he does this all day everyday.

I have a Mashup of his bows for criminy's sake.

People are getting pissed off. I'm pissed off, but I blog instead of burning effigies and other violent behavior directed at anyone. Now you know why I do this along with being crippled for life, it's free therapy for the freak parade, otherwise I might be out there too but I'm not nuts thank the good lord, otherwise I'd be a "progressive".

That's it.

This is wrong but so was hanging Sarah Palin in effigy as the media loved that shit like nobody's business and we all know it.

(link to Palin hanging video)

This is what they said when Palin was hung, they called it "a prop" for a Halloween display which was the lame ready made excuse the 2 momo's who did it called their little stunt and got away scott free.

Someone even torched her church, no biggie says the media..

Palin's church catches fire, raising suspicions of a vengeful act Alaska Dispatch
So they blazed the trail we're on now and I hope they're all happy because they're people are ALL getting fired in November, and Obama in the following January of 2011 mark my words.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. There's the first amendment allowing freedom to assemble and act like asses which many Americans test the limits of including myself I suppose.


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