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Friday, May 21, 2010

Misguided ICE Chief: I May Not Process Illegals from AZ | Demand Resignation Now.

Since this idiot Morton says he won't do his job in Arizona, usethis number to report every single person who you even think is anIllegal alien and we'll make that agency work twice as hard in ourstates, as I've reported dozens and dozens of certain illegals over thepast few years.

If they're under 40 and don't speak English they are Illegals becausethey can't be legal if they don't speak our language, other than in thecase of a border state where migrant workers are all over legally withpapers.. Not in Illinois or New York or so on and so on. They don'tseasonally migrate to the Northeast and upper Midwest.

Every time I see alawncare crew sitting in back of a truck filled with cut grass the cellphone rings at ICE while I'm driving behind them here in this town. Ihave the number on speed dial and my local reader friends can verifythat.

How do you like that Mr Morton?

ICE Chief: I May Not Process Illegals from AZ

In the midst of an outcry over illegal immigration and Arizona's new crackdown, a top Department of Homeland Security official visiting Chicago on Wednesday said his agency intended to step up enforcement in places such as Illinois.

John Morton, who heads U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said his agency intends to expand the Secure Communities initiative, which gives police and sheriff's departments access to a Homeland Security database that includes fingerprints. The initiative recently grew to include most of Chicago's suburbs.

Morton, a former prosecutor, also said the agency intends to increase scrutiny of employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

"If we're going to bring about meaningful changes in behavior, you have to do that by focusing on the employer," he said during a meeting with the Tribune editorial board.

Morton said the government's stepped-up enforcement would result in a "sharp increase" in deportations this year. Last year's 400,000 overall deportations were a record, but this year there has already been a 40 percent jump in deportations of criminals, he said.

Echoing comments by President Barack Obama and others in the administration, Morton said that Arizona's new law targeting illegal immigration is not "good government." The law makes it a crime to be in the state illegally and requires police to check suspects for immigration paperwork. The FOX Nation
Here's another Obama Administration deadhead who thinks someone died and made him a king, who also needs to be fired immediately for making such an asinine statement as this, threatening the American citizens and government of Arizona trampling all over their states rights.

I wonder if this guy bothered to read the damn bill since the entire Obama administration is on the record of going on the record without reading it. Idiots is a generous adjective for these products of left wing American liberal schooling who only passed through college by singing their professors tunes the entire way.

Because most of them lack simple education and common sense in far too many areas to be running this country and they now all need to be removed and replaced with Patriots who put the constitution before anything and everything,.

The way it's written, not the way they bastardize it with their far left interpretation.

They all need to be reminded who they work for, and it's not Obama, it's you and me who are the bosses of this brugatta.

And since his superior in the white agrees with this obviously, it's time to remove this president from office for his consistent denigration of half the country every time he and one of these Ivy League boy kings opens their elitist mouths.

And by the way, I don't hate Ivy Leaguer's like most, I have 3 in my own family and they're all conservative.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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