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Monday, May 17, 2010

Michael Douglas, one of few REAL MEN at Cannes who won't sign petition for Pedophile Polanski

Anyone who's battling with a petition circulating at Cannes to save Roman Polanski from the prison cell that awaits him for rape are nothing more than enabling freaks, who's works' should be blackballed by the entertainment seeking people of the US. 

That includes the idiot Whoopi Goldberg who famously said "it wasn't 'Rape' rape". Dumb *(^&()*&%

At least Michael Douglas had the balls not to sign that thing, especially while his own son just went to prison for drugs, but Polanski not for rape?

CANNES, France (AP) - Michael Douglas says he will not sign a petition in support of director Roman Polanski, who is under house arrest in Switzerland in connection with a 33-year-old sex scandal.

Douglas, whose "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" is screening at the Cannes Film Festival, told French radio it would be "unfair" for him to sign a petition for "somebody who did break the law."

Other filmmakers at the festival, including French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard and actor-director Mathieu Amalric, have signed the petition, which is posted on a Web site overseen by renowned French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy.

Polanski was taken into custody in September and is currently under house arrest in Geneva.

The interview aired hours before British actress Charlotte Lewis claimed at a news conference in Los Angeles that she was sexually abused by Polanski in 1982 when she was 16.

Polanski pleaded guilty in 1978 to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl. But after a judge said he would renege on the plea bargain, Polanski fled to his native France. He has been a fugitive since then.

In the interview with RTL radio broadcast on Friday, Douglas said Polanski had been given "some bad advice" when the scandal broke.  My Way News - Michael Douglas won't sign petition for Polanski


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  1. Good for him!  As for Whoopi's "humor," it's not 'comedy' comedy...


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