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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little League Coach With VIOLENT Criminal Record Attacks Parent Physically

OK the first question, why is this man even a coach?

Answer? Because he's black, that's the only reason. 

If he was white he wouldn't be anywhere near these kids and everyone knows it. 

Anyone with a brain can see that shit. PC KILLS!!!! rant continued after you watch the video

Just listen to the man's obviously scared wife halfway through who knows he's headed for prison ....once again.

So once again it's PROVEN that PC not only is destroying our society, but it is outright being exploited by criminals and terrorists, which means it fails and should be outlawed. If it can be legislated than it can be outlawed and should be.

Where's this all men are created equal shit? I'm not paying the price for slavery and nor should anyone else alive today while slavery still goes on all around the world yet everyone focuses on a tiny sliver of history which was yes a big deal and big mistake, but I'm not reliving it.

In fact in the worst cases, such as a treasonous Muslim OFFICER IN THE US ARMY infiltrating the system killing his supposed "brethren in arms" in cold blood, it's quite obvious PC is killing Americans every day and on the streets of Americas it's going on every minute.

Even the Times Square killer is a radical Christian, Jew and America hating Muslim that wouldn't even be here, were it not for CAIR and Political correctness..

I'll bet you didn't know that each year 1600 illegal aliens kill Americans on their own soil. 1600 murders a year...PC kills.


We see far too many minorities involved in criminal behavior who are today are given more chances than Jesus would have given them ...that's for GOSH DAMN sure.

That man above as sad as it is should be in a cage, not coaching little league.

Sorry but he should and I don't give a damn what color he is, he's scum and if he were white he's be worse scum because he has no excuse.

I'm all for second chances...not third and fourth and fifth ones because people die everytime someone makes a false judgment of character either way bad or good. But when they prove themselves criminals the second time, chances are over.

Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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