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Saturday, May 22, 2010

AZ Here I Come...- Arizona Seeks to Reassign Heavily Accented Teachers

150-,000 Hispanic kids in Arizona supposedly 'learning' English, as a second language, not the primary one and that's why people with brutal accents can't teach English PROPERLY.

Finally a state that's tossing PC to the wind for the betterment of America so children aren't being taught by teachers who "no comprende" and can't manage to speak the language that this country speaks.

That means not the 'bastardized English' we've all heard, or some South of the Border half assed version of it, or the "Guido Italian version which my family hails and spoke English, the Arabic version we all suffer through every time we see a doctor, or deal with some medical issue as I do every week of every month, and on and on.

It's endless.

Talk about 'Balkinization', we have 400 million people here speaking 10 million versions of English and half our time is spent repeating ourselves every time we say something to someone nowadays from the bank, to McDonald's, to Home Depot, to this restaurant, to that restaurant, I can't take anymore.

What the hell did I spend a $100,000 to go to college for when I don't even need to know how to speak English to make a living in this country formerly known as "The United States" that Obama the divider has near civil war today on about 4 fronts at the moment.

English; learn it, live it, speak it, or get the hell outta here.

Comprende, ese?

After passing the nation's toughest state immigration enforcement law, Arizona's school officials are now cracking down on teachers with heavy accents.

The Arizona Department of Education is sending evaluators to audit teachers and their English speaking skills to make sure districts are complying with state and federal laws.

Teachers who are not fluent in English, have a heavy accent or do not speak grammatically correct will be temporarily reassigned.

"As you expect science teachers to know science, math teachers to know math, you expect a teacher who is teaching the kids English to know English," said Tom Home, state superintendent of public instruction.

In 2000, voters passed a referendum which stipulated that instruction of these classes be offered only in English. Then in 2003, President Bush's No Child Left Behind act stated schools couldn't receive federal funding unless an English teacher was totally fluent in the language. FOXNews.com - Arizona Seeks to Reassign Heavily Accented Teachers


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I love it.  The liberals are pissed and Arizona just keeps shoving it back in their faces!  Not only is the English horrible on the border, the Spanish is also.

    I thought Central American and Carribean Spanish was bad...  until I moved to Southern New Mexico.  Spanglish is more efficient because it slaughters two languages at once.

    I love the artwork Ray!  You're a genius!

  2. I wish I was a genius, then this shit would be making me rich instead of more and more angry..lolol  Just kidding, I actually do this blogging so I don't go out and kick the living shit out of some of these criminals who are flooding over our borders....

    Thanks but I want you to know that any questions you have about how to do anything with Photoshop don't hesitate as there's all kinds of info I'd be more than happy to share to help you improve your skills which are getting better each time Kurt.

    Thanks for being such a loyal blogging buddy man I appreciate it .

  3. I actually made this a while back and all kinds of thieves have pilfered it as their own as you can see by googling "speak English" like many of my works. So many I stopped even caring anymore. People can't even give someone the credit they're due by stealing your hard work and passing it off as their own.... you'll find that out the first time you see your photoshop used on perhaps Gateway Pundit or Hot air with no attribution or thank you.

  4. Thanks man.  I actually downloaded a free copy of Gimp.  Kinda geeky, but there are a lot of self-help instructional stuff on-line.  Crappy photoshopping is actually becoming one of my hallmarks.

  5. It's not crappy at all. This shit isnt as easy as everyone thinks it is. You don't know how many people scoff when I tell them what I do until I tell them I worked at the Chicago Trib for a decade, but thanks to all the freaking women doing this shit now so they don't have to find real jobs have turned the industry into a fucking housewives convention and lowered the pay bar and the quality bar so low Clinton could slither under it with his boxers or briefs on or off..

    There's lots of things that poeple can't figure out and that's done with Plug ins and I have a bunch and they cost money so lemme know it you want some I can help you out.

    That's how many of the techniques are done and there's also a trick that's done with Text and such that you can activate that took me a while to figure out and that the little buttons underneath the Layers tool window at the very bottom which people don't know about if they don'tknow about the window views and such. Lots of hidden power that you don't find out about until someone tells you or teaches it to youl.

    I have a screencast thing that allow s me to make quick "how to do this" videos and I've even been toying with making some and posting them.....just lemme know, and I'll fire off a little tutorial for you. It's easy to do ....  

    PS I didn't think you read my after comments. Others don't seem to. This is the first response to an " after comment" I've EVER gotten. Seriously. EVER in 2 years.

  6. Follow-up is important...

  7. <span></span> Yep,on the same page. The gas stations and party stores around Metro Detroit are filled with what I deem as broken Arabic not broken-English. A distinction without a difference yes but means to show the practice of non-assimilation.

  8. Yes maam and that's where we come in to commicate to the world that AZ doens't stand alone and we demand our goverments do the verys same thing..14 are in the pipeline already...That's a big number considering the BS AZ 's had to put up with from these criminals and their aiding and abetting families harboring these fugitives because that's what they are.

  9. Know what ya mean man....

  10. maggiesnotebookTuesday, May 25, 2010

    Great commentary on this issue Ray. This is such a smart move on the part of Arizona. It should be extraordinary if it were any other way, but of course, in this liberal world we live in, it is extraordinary to demand that teachers speak our native language.

    I admire this state and this shows their dedication to cleaning up what has been dumped on for so long. Three cheers for Arizona! My state seems to be following their lead. I hope this is next.

  11. Hey you welcome back! How was your vaca? Good I hope. 

    Ya they're on the list of 14 and growing God help us all> America almost lost it's country, everyone's awakening thank Goodness


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