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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AhmaDi**wad Agrees with Libs, Osama Bin Biden I mean Laden in D.C.(Brits say he's living it up in Iran today)

All through the Bush administration the left accused them of having Bin Laden in the basement, having a Hurricane guidance mechanism or machine, all kinds of lunatic fringe remarks that these people count amongst their tribe who believe all that crap they spew over on their side of the internet.

And this Madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  is apparently  their number one reader as he's spouting their conspiracy theories from the Bush Administration they're so far behind the rest of the world culturally. So I hope liberals feel good that their opinions are espoused by a mad man who murders homosexuals like Barney Frank dates them in his DC town home / whorehouse.

Strange he would claim that since there are many out there just today claiming Bin Laden is now  a Falconer in his spare time from being a wanted worldwide terrrorist.

Meanwhile back at the madhouse,  Ahmadickwad is being lap danced by ABC's George  Snufalufagus instead of being assassinated on his way down the jetway upon landing in the US, the very country along with Israel "that he wishes he could wipe off the face of the earth".

Breitbart.tv » Ahmadinejad: Osama Bin Laden Likely in D.C.

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden - the world's most wanted man - is alive and well and living in Iran, according to a documentary.

Al Qaeda boss Osama bin Laden aiming a weapon in an undated photograph from al Jazeera TV
Osama bin Laden aiming a weapon in an undated photo from al Jazeera TV

He has given up the caves of Afghanistan or - as more recently believed - Pakistan, and is now living under the protection of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, it is claimed.

Bin Laden, his wife and family have been in the Islamic republic since 2003, the Feathered Cocaine documentary on Fox News alleges.

The film is about one of the world's leading falconers, Alan Parrot, who says he knows all about bin Laden through the world of falconry.

The sport is hugely popular in the Middle East, with the best birds selling for more than £700,000 to the region's richest and most influential people.

YouTube video featuring Feathered Cocaine's makers.

These same people conduct business while on hunting forays and, according to Mr Parrot, that was how he came to learn about bin Laden's whereabouts.

The film shows a contact of Mr Parrot's speaking to Icelandic film-makers Om Marino Arnarson and Thorkell S Hardarson.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Ahmadickwad is so freaking nuts!  I bet Bin Laden is in Iran.  I am surprised that the nutjob just didn't admit it since our dimwit of weakness doesn't have any balls to go after Bin Laden anyway.

  2. They just don't understand that these people don't get anything unless it's got a missile attached to it. They hate us more than these people comprehend on the left and they were and stilla are under the illusion they can be friends with the fun Muslims.

    What's saddest I think Teresa is that those people hate US more than those killer Muslims.

  3. Osama does Wackadinajad every friday.  That's what all that hollering from the tower is all about...

  4. There is a falconer named Parrot?????!!!!!!?????? 
    You think there is parroter named Falcon???

  5. You're sharp because that flew right over me I was so pissed about the other guy sitting down like he's a normal Despot being interviewed..

    Good catch and you're right.

    It's like a library cop named bookman or the ice cream man named Cone.... from the Seinfeld episode

  6. Good one ;)   I can't believe that shithead is inside our country and no one assasinates him. I can't believe they don't do the job over there they hate him so much supposedly. Where are the assasins when we need them? What a pussy world we're living in...


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