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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanic ash cloud: 100,000 Britons stranded in Europe as air traffic chiefs extend lockdown to 7am | Mail Online

Some news and views on the massive pain in the ash" this has all become to travel around Europe. (Perhaps the "One" will get lost in an ash cloud going to Poland and safely land on some uncharted desert island where he can't be located until the year 2020 if we're really lucky this weekend...lol)
Mail Online: "One million Britons were stranded abroad last night by the travel paralysis caused by volcanic ash.

The unprecedented air lockdown was extended until at least 1am tomorrow, with Qantas cancelling all flights to Europe until further notice, and the chaos and confusion will drift well into next week.

Some holidaymakers in Spain were told they face a ten-day wait for a flight home and the delays - coming at the end of the Easter holiday period - intensified problems caused by the massive Icelandic eruption." Read more:
This volcano and other eruptions could hamper air travel for months if not years they're saying in Britain, although these are probably many of the same idiots who were on the "climate change global warming nut train"
Safety measures: An aircraft maintenance worker covers a jet engine at Belfast City Airport,
Northern Ireland, yesterday as a cloud of volcanic ash made its way across Europe
This volcano and others like it which erupt as this one has spews more carbon into our atmosphere than all the auto's over the past 20 years combined, and this eruption alone just negated any efforts made as miserably well intentioned they may have been by liberals to "clean the air" with "Kyoto" and all their other "toady" do gooder BS.  Which to me and others I'm certain shows what a real joke all this "environMentalist"  kow towing is, and what a pathetic, gargantuan waste of time and money it's been all around the globe (or across the globe for the liberal flat earther's who bought all that bullshit)

It's time to tell those people to all get ******ed..their theories are proven more a joke every day this year from some reason, I think it's that God's had enough of liberals mocking him and is dumping all over their theories and everything they stand for has been completely exposed as big frauds. I'd still be laughing were it not for how much of this global warming fallacy has altered our country's forward progress based on one big giant scam.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


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