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Monday, April 26, 2010

Taliban POISONING female Afghan students | oh, but we're the bad guys....

CNN.com: "(CNN) -- Afghan authorities will investigate the sudden illness of students and staff at three schools in the past week in northern Afghanistan, the Afghan Human Independent Rights Commission said on Sunday. Local doctors suggested the Taliban may be the perpetrators of possible poison attacks.

'During the last seven days three cases of poisoning [have] occurred in Kunduz Province,' said Syed Karim Talash, the director of the commission office in the province.

At least 88 girls and teachers became ill in separate cases at three girls' schools.

The cause of the illnesses was not known, but Talash said poison gas was suspected.

Afghan authorities suspect poison attacks by the Taliban are the cause of sudden illness at three girls' schools.
'It is really big concern for us, and big concern for the family of the girls,' Talash said.

Dr. Mohammad Qasam Khamoosh, who treated girls from two schools, said 'unknown gases' were responsible for the mass illnesses.

These are 'terrorist activities against education in the country,' he said.

Girls were not allowed to attend school during the Taliban's rule. Girls' schools have been open in the region since 2001.

Khamoosh said authorities were able to gather a sample of the gas, which has been sent off for testing.

Kunduz province has seen a drastic influx in terrorist activity, particularly by the group known as Hizb-e-Islami, led by the notorious leader Gulbudeen Hekmatyar. It's an independent group that has increasingly worked under the Taliban umbrella in recent years."
Need any more excuses to wipe the Taliban and perhaps even Islam off the earth if we can't reign these mad dogs in?

Here's a simple hypothetical that extrapolates across all religions, although the last time I read the Koran and Bible side to side which I've done anyone can easily determine which "savior" is the one who's religion is promoting love and goodwill towards peace on earth and which one advocates killing it's Christian counterparts if they will not convert while dhimmi's buy the "Religion of Peace" crud that even George Bush stuck both feet in mouth repeating.

Having said that, how about If I started a religion here in the US that promoted and practiced killing everyone on earth that's not Catholic like "us" and "our followers"?

You all know darn well the powers that be would either imprison us or even have us killed as they've done to David Koresh and others like Ruby Ridge, whom the prior I did not support. However he and particularly his misguided followers didn't deserve the bloody death they got that day at the hands of US's Janet Reno inflicted upon them for his radical bastardized Christian views which happened April 19th, 2003, 2 years prior to OK City's bombing which many believe were linked although it wasn't proven.  nor "copped to".

So why then the uproar over the destruction of bastardized Islam that's practiced by far more than just "a few extremists like the Taliban and the Mullah's of Iran?"

If it's not "liberal misguided white guilt" I have no idea why we would even let people who poison little girls for bettering themselves live amongst the citizens of the world without simply eliminating the threat entirely which a nation consensus could bring.

Of course "we're not God" but neither are they and sometimes in this world evil just simply has to be eradicated at all costs.And this seems to be one of those times to everyone except American and and European liberals their geography being the only difference between the two.

This Islam is "just that", and just one more quick question for anyone who can answer to me why "prior to Bill Clinton's presidency most American's rarely even heard the word Islam  aside from the Crusades", unless talking to Muhammad Ali?


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. I missed your comment I'm sorry and thank you, I was actually proud of that post and I'm glad someone like yourself picked up on it.  I'm not a big every week church man but after a childhood of Catholocism I'm hip to who's in charge and it ain't the rapist known as Muhammad.   Thanks Margie


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