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Friday, April 30, 2010

President Obama's Katrina? - He and Big Sis Sat On Their Ass For 8 Days

8 days nothing was done, and Obama should be held responsible by the same Bush hating Katrina loons, as this is no doubt as bad as Katrina in it's environmental impact if not worse, especially when we all find out I was correct along with many others in predicting this was an act of underwater terrorism.

I even think it was domestic,ELF or some similar liberal terrorist organization acting on Obama's indication of more offshore drilling, and now he has the excuse he needed to renege which has become his favorite political maneuver.

And we the people are screwed left holding the empty money bag yet again by this criminal cabal.

Muslims can't swim 5000 feet down in scuba gear but these groups could. Hell these lefties live in Redwood trees and other crazy stuff, why not this?

Pipelines don't blow up like this, although it could be aged perhaps and just broke although you'd thing they'd have a sub down there already fixing it with deepwater divers if that were the case and they're covering something..

President Obama's Katrina? - Video - FoxNews.com: "April 30, 2010
President Obama's Katrina?

Obama administration bristles at comparisons of oil spill to disaster in same region"


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  1. This is a perfect excuse for "OOO" to take over the oil industry and stop all oil exploration here; so we would continue to be dependent on foreign oil.  This will further hurt our economy if this isn't stopped.  It looks terribly suspicious, the whole thing.  About three weeks ago "OOO" announced exploration to please the people, and now this.  Wonder if that rig was bombed somehow?  A terrorist act somehow?

  2. http://www.examiner.com/x-37620-Conservative-Examiner~y2010m5d1-Did-North-Korea-sabotage-Gulf-oil-rig-and-did-Obama-cover-it-up


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