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Monday, April 19, 2010

OK CITY and Personal Loss as well 15 Years Ago Today

One thing first of all, Timothy McVeigh and Terry McNichols, they were not conservatives simply by virtue of service to the country, as back then people were SENT into the army as punishment often times and I've never read anything about McVeigh's virtuous reasons for joining the military so we don't know why he was there and what his motivation was .. nor was he a democrat.....he was simply a loose screw,  a freaking nut.

Now that we got that straight....

That fateful day was the one time in our mostly  great history  in which  some far left anarchist type liberals in America almost take glee in pointing to a once again "SO called" conservative committing an atrocious act of domestic terrorism,  as if this gives every other nutty American or whomever (in today's world it's almost ALWAYS A Muslim or what have you) as an excuse for their bad or even inexplicably atrocious behavior. 

And then that reach extrapolates somehow out to precluding us from criticizing their nutty behavior which tends to again always point to 19 muslims on 911 and others like the Lakawanna 9 or 7, or most recently the Ft Hood Killer Muslim Hasan. But you'll most often hear them defend the radical killer Muslims when one makes any remark that the Religion of Peace is responsible for all the domestic terrorism in America they point to this jag as one ours somehow.

What's also interesting about today is the liberals almost celebrating it to some extent as you'll see MSNB sleaze's house lesbian Rachel MadCow do a special on this tonight as if she carees about the victims that day, using it as a prop to make comparisons to the Tea Party movement we'll hear all throughout the day , mark those words. I'm SURE Rush will have plenty to say and we'll

I pay attention to this day for a couple reasons,  one being that tragic attack on the Murrah Federal Building therefore by proxy the US government meaning again by proxy we, the American people, who are the government, or at least were until the liberals managed to get the Halfrican Mistake By the Lake elected president in 2008. 

The other reason is that "while watching this asshole kill 300 people that day my grandfather was spending his last day on this earth watching this unfold on TV with me and  the rest of his family.  A  family this German LEGAL Ellis Island immigrant created with his German born wife, who also came to America with her parents, meeting and marrying her in Dayton Ohio and later coming to Chicago to start a successful Tool And  Die companym,..... that he worked at and ran until his death from a heart attack the week before and was sent home to die essentially as his advanced age of 85 precluded him from a transplant consideration.  In fact the man he was he would have turned it down for it to go to someone younger.

Ellis island entry point NY NY
Immigrants entering the United States through ...
A family of hard workers and men and women with honor who played by the rules and always ended up on their own two feet never needing handouts from the government even through the great depression in 1929.  

I wrote about him at length last April 19th which you can read here if you wish.

But we also stop as you can see here on this blog today and every day to remember our fellow Americans  who were killed by another  fellow American which isn't supposed to happen in peacetime or anytime. 

Anyhow today is another day of "remembrance" and it sure seems to me we're having  more and more of these each year so let's hope for less and pray for those taken from us that day, this day and the other that there's not more of this in our future both near and afar.

May God Bless America this day and every day, as long as we deserve it which is becoming questionable when we see people like the present group in Washington elected by what's supposed to be the most educated voters in the world.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Bloviating ZeppelinMonday, April 19, 2010

    McVeigh and McNichols were as representative of true Conservatives as Jesus is to Atheists.


  2. "May God Bless America this day and every day, as long as we deserve it which is becoming questionable when we see people like the present group in Washington elected by what's supposed to be the most educated voters in the world."

    Amen, Ray. Great stuff.


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