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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obama's Controversial Justice Nominee Withdraws Amid GOP Protests | Waaa

See, this is a great example of while being in the minority the fight might be a little harder, but little battles won here and there feel good number one, and number two, stem the rolling tide until November 'til we can clean house in DC like they've never seen before.

Well, with one exception of course,  and that would be the thorough DNA scrubbing needed in the ORAL OFFICE "after Slick, the Skank, and the tramp left town". (say that 5 times fast)

That sure was a job for ol' Servicemaster alright, actually kept them from bankruptcy in 2001! just kiddin, but the job was nasty I'm sure!!!

Anyhow, this morning on this nomination, the "party of no" is holding down the fort until some adults can be put into office, and that goes for BOTH sides. Except for those few tried and true patriots on the right side of the aisle who showed their balls and mettle during the Obamacare fight, which we all know hasn't ended just yet no matter what they think.

As for the blocked nominee, she's a reparation loving kinda lib, so she's pretty "out there", as you can read at Powerline here,  but she'll do fine out there legislating from a bench elsewhere  or teaching at some lib uniso don't shed any tears she's unemployed or can't eat.

That's the rest of the country, ever since Obama took office after the looks like planned dem and Soros financed financial meltdown.

She's a lawyer and, yes, another "professor of Constitutional law" (in Obama's case it's lecturer only, who is currently on the faculty at Maurer School of Law at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. My aunt went to Indiana btw. (like who care's huh/) Anyhow, Ms Johnsen's not going away, just not this judicial spot, Too radical, a woman, too radical! What's this country coming to?
Obama's Controversial Justice Nominee Withdraws Amid GOP Protests:

FOXNews.com - "President Obama's pick to head the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel is withdrawing her nomination amid Republican protests over past statements she made on abortion and national security.

Dawn Johnsen said she was dropping out of the process because her 'nomination has met with lengthy delays and political opposition that threaten' her objective to restore the office to its 'best nonpartisan traditions' and 'prevent OLC from functioning at full strength.'

'I hope that the withdrawal of my nomination will allow this important office to be filled promptly,' she said.

A White House spokesman said the president accepted Johnsen's request.

'Her credentials are exemplary and her commitment to the rule of law has been proven time and again, but it is now clear that Senate Republicans will not allow her to be confirmed,' White House spokesman Ben Labolt said in a written statement."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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