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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Next Dem To Fall? US senator from NJ appeals Tea Party recall ruling

Another dem caught red handed who's appealing a recall ruling where a "Tea Party group" are the one's  working for his removal and he's claiming in true dem fashion "we citizens" have no "standing to bring such a movement" as the courts disagree with him siding with the Tea Party peeps.

If this works we should get to work on the rest of them and if we pick up the pace, the democratic party won't even exist by the end of the year. ;>)

This one though is tough because in New Jersey the constitution says "yes" to recalls while the federal says "no".

 He has that "I'm better than you people" look ya know?
Like "just you try and remove me Mister!"....Right? Fits perfect doesn't it?
The Associated Press: US senator from NJ appeals recall ruling: "TRENTON, N.J. — A U.S. senator from New Jersey has asked the state's highest court to hear the case of a Tea Party group's efforts to recall him.

Lawyers for Sen. Robert Menendez filed appeal papers Monday.

State Supreme Court spokeswoman Winnie Comfort says there is no time frame for the justices to decide whether to hear the case.

A state court ruled last month that the activists have the right to try to throw the Democrat out of office. The court stopped the group from moving ahead because of the likelihood of an appeal.

The case pits the New Jersey constitution, which allows recalls, against the U.S. Constitution, which does not."  more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I love it!  Regardless of the outcome, conservatives are bringing the fight to libs, tracking them back to their fetid dens of iniquity.  There's no where to hide, Obamatards!

    Did you see that Russ Feingold in liberal Wisconsin is in trouble?  We can make an electoralo tidal wave this fall...

  2. Yea this is good man. This will get others to follow suit and the liberals made a big mistake awakening the usually cool and collected christian and conservative right. They're finding out fast we're not stupid and they're going to pay big for thier arrogance.

    That would be another big one to fall for sure, remember too that Illinois is going to swing republican as Blago's trial meanders on it'll be a stark reminder of why not to vote for them in November and flipping the president's home state will render him unelectable in 2012 if he makes it politically that far.


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