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Friday, April 2, 2010

Most workers willing to take a pay cut, New ObamaNomics | Not in my world and Not Until Congress Leads the Way

If we suffer, then they will suffer. That should be the message sent to Washington this next election, essentially "if you screw us we screw you right back and hard".

When Workers are ready to work for just about anything, suddenly the reason we've always cited for the flood of illegals basically "being allowed to blanket the country" about anywhere without fear of deportation to the point many bought houses and have businesses, yet it devalues ALL American workers as businesses across the board including those "owned" by Unions dropped wages opening the door to record profits to giddily meet the lower demands of the aliens, and now they've got Americans right where they want them.

Willing to take whatever scraps are thrown their way for the most part, just like the rest of the third world we're now officially joining, especially with Obama in charge and people like this in our workforce.  Again, just as they wanted it to be.

Well, I say this is BS and anyone WILLING to settle for nothing will get exactly what they're looking for. Nothing.

Or at the very best, less than they're worth, just like Obama and his friends want you to think. They already do and now they want us all to think that "you and I are worth shit".  I hope and pray you all don't become one of the Obama Sheeple Herd.

But just in case, here's the "Sheeple password" that'll getcha right up to front of the scrap line : 

"Baaa ram U, Baaaa Ram U, Grab Those Ankles And Obama'll Screw U Too"

Most workers willing to take a pay cut: poll

Careers- msnbc.com: "Workers have been so shell-shocked by the recession that it will be a long time before they start demanding what they lost in the rubble of the economic collapse.

“The labor force has been beaten down so much that I feel workers are willing to accept less rather than jeopardize it all, particularly since they have become accustomed to living on less when the economy deteriorated and spouses lost their jobs,” said Gary Chaison, a labor professor at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

Indeed, the findings of an employee confidence study released this week bears that out."

Despite a rising level of confidence among workers when it comes to the financial stability of their employers, most employees, about 76 percent, said they are willing to take a pay cut, according to survey of 2,315 employees conducted by Harris Interactive for Glassdoor.com. And among those who are out of work, 88 percent said they would take less in salary in order to land a job.

“There’s still fear and trepidation,” said Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor’s career and workplace expert, about what many workers are feeling. 

They’re thinking, he continued, “ ‘what if I got forced out into this job market.’ They’re seeing friends and former co-workers struggling to find a job at the same pay level as before. That’s why you have employees saying, ‘I’ll take a pay cut.’ ”

It’s a gloomy snapshot of working stiffs today, even as many are beginning to see the light at the end of the recessionary tunnel.

Some positive findings from the study by Glassdoor — a career Web site offering worker opinions on work environments, pay, and benefits — include:
  • Less than one in five (18 percent) employees are concerned they could be laid off in the next six months, a rate that has fallen for the fifth consecutive quarter and is down from 26 percent in the first quarter of last year.
  • 38 percent of employees, including those self-employed, believe if they lost their job they would be able to find a new one matched to their experience and compensation levels in the next six months while 30 percent think it is unlikely.
  • Employees (including those self-employed) continue to be confident in their company’s outlook. Only 10 percent ore respondents expect their company’s outlook to get worse in the next six months.  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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