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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LA cardinal: Nazism in Arizona immigration bill (...the Catholic church left me..)

LA cardinal: Nazism in Arizona immigration bill: "LOS ANGELES (AP) - The head of the nation's largest Catholic archdiocese says a proposed Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigrants encourages 'German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques.'

Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Los Angeles archdiocese made the comments in his blog Sunday, a day before the Arizona Legislature passed the bill.

If Gov. Jan Brewer signs the bill into law, police would be required to question people about their immigration status if there's reason to suspect they're in the country illegally.

The Los Angeles archdiocese serves a large Hispanic immigrant population. Mahony says he can't imagine people turning in others who look foreign or because they might lack papers."  continued
That's true I've for the most part left the church simply doing my praying and studying the bible and such at home as Chicago's catholic community consists of the likes of Father Phleger and I won't tolerate that crap, not where I worship.As it goes in Ronald Reagan lore although he was speaking of political party affiliation: I didn't leave the church, the church left me

While never experiencing any of the repulsive behavior we read about, the Chicago catholic community in the city is a lot like this cardinal in LA as far as I'm concerned, as they, along with our government, have sold us out for the "short money"  looking only to use Latino's for their votes, their tax dollars and and to help fill collection's and the usual lowering of wages across the board for billion dollar corporations that fall apart and come to us to bail them out now!! 

You'll remember too that this city has opened up it's doors as a sanctuary city, which has led a number of Latino women to hole up inside the churches to avoid deportation, and being protected by "my church" causing worldwide news aversions and frankly "embarrassing us all in the name of something we don't believe in" is about when it stopped being "my church" per se.

Were they here for political persecution it would be a whole different thing, but they are not, it's all financial betterment which the Mexican government has abdicated to us !!

And number two; had these folks bothered to assimilate themselves into the communities like our immigrant parents and grandparents did back in "the day" by doing anything and everything they could to be "better Americans" ( and they ALL did just that!
Including quietly taking a lot of the same crap today's illegals are complaining about)  they'd be looked upon far more favorably than they are when " they come up in here and inconvenience us all by refusing to learn English", I mean what the hell is that about?

Disdain for America is what it's about.

They don't care about America, they're "here for the beer" as it goes. That's all they care about. They give damn about us nor do they care about the illegal's either, as each priest or this or that is only hoping to be the Priest of the Month and someday Cardinal and same thing going on in the government when it was never intended to be a lifelong career choice as it has today. So no one gets my money any more for the most part although I do visit local church on the big three and that's it for.

But they won't get away with calling me and my fellow conservatives and some liberals who put country first and say "their welcome to come here, once they leave and come back legally" period end of story too bad.

Like all our parents used to tell us as children and even some as adults (hint hint): You shoulda' thought of that before you decided to spit in the face of OUR culture and come in here like you all own the place"..in other words "acted like guests instead of raping burglars" and perhaps we'd be (again) more sympathetic to their plight, but since they weren't the damage is done and the party is over.

Cardinal Mahoney can kiss my crippled ass. 


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Most Rev. Archbishop GregoriWednesday, April 21, 2010

    This reminds me of the time  back in the late 1970's and early 1980's when a lot of Roman Catholic Churches were giving sanctuary to known communists sneaking into the country from El Salvadore. so many churches were turning into flop houses.

    If the Bishops, priests and nuns, along with laymen and women from the Roman Church don't like the teachings of the Church, why don't they just leave? They are putting people's lives, souls and the nation in danger, with their Marxist Theology B.S., which is exactly what their social justice crap is.

  2. I just hate seeing the church self destruct as the liberals get their way and don't even have to lift a finger. Evil is on the rise all over everywhere we turn and when the church is gone what's left to turn to in times of despair and need? Aside from turning to oneseself of course .

  3. Perhaps this cardinal should stick with his altar boys.  On a serious note, I have seen the American Catholic Church get increasingly Liberal over the past twenty plus years.  That is why I am now Baptist.  However, Ray hit it on the nose when he stated that this cardinal was just kissing up to the hispanics and their offering money. 

  4. I hear ya I've not bailed on Christianity but the Catholics have let money and perversion rule the roost and I won't support that either.


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