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Friday, April 2, 2010

Kindergarten teacher: Woods lied about school race incident | More N Word Lies Pay Big In "White Guilt -Black Victim Culture"

This song and dance is becoming an "American Hit" as there's lots of black folks of power and privilege cashing in big using racism, be it imagined, perceived or even entirely made up right out of thin air  as was the case when the Democratic Pelosi led gang of congresspeople  try and silence the "tea party movement" last week on Black Obamacare Sunday with their reckless and intentionally incendiary behavior.

That was when they falsely claimed they were spat upon, thrown unsavory conjecture and bigoted remarks among other things while making their planned "Fake Obamacare Selma March" Across the street instead of  a bridge with Nancy Pelosi and her giant PlayDoh Hammer everyone has seen a thousand times.

I actually tried finding the dumb original by Google image searching and COULD NOT FIND IT. I even had an original linked in the post I used this for and it was removed from the web. Strange. Try to find it/

Yet despite a $100,000 reward for ANY ONE SINGLE INCH of video or audio tape proving their allegations and thousands of people present not one iota of evidence. Not a single solitary scratch except the word of some left over race baiters from the 60's trying to squeeze what they can out of the now dead issue of race, one of which without they're passe' and no longer matter.

 At least we thought that was the case after Obama was elected president.

So what's the verdict? Race baiting liars who have learned crying "racism" can bring them false adulation along with good old campaign green they can pocket later when they leave office, mostly from younger folks looking to keep those same excuses for failure open to their use, mainly the "blame it on whitey" excuse that's still miraculously being used that they've seen some of their "role models" use so effectively throughout their political and entertainment careers, even when the president is black or part black at least. 

It's great having a "built in" excuse for when they fail. 

Just blame the white man and if you're really lucky he'll pay you some green to "go away". Jesse's used that one to the hilt to secure a beer disributorship for his youngin's and a whole host of other personally enriching payoffs we don't hear the media talk about too often.

Well seems like another race baiting scumbucket liar has emerged from the slime and it's none other than sex crazed animal known as a Tiger Woods. He's been telling a "i'm just anotha po nigga" story that one of the characters he's chosen to racially assassinate within a book with a bald faced racially charged line of bullshit, his kindergarten teacher.

So who's lying? I'm betting on Tiger since we've come to know he doesn't tell the truth about anything until you bash him over the head with a freaking nine iron and piddling away a month hiding from the world in some sex rehab joynt for the rich and famous to get back their money and fame after everyone finds out they're just run of the mill assholes for the most part..

Kindergarten teacher: Woods lied about school race incident:
Image by Getty Images via Daylife
PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 19:  Tiger Wo..."Tiger Woods' a former kindergarten teacher disputed a story today that he once told about an incident where he was tied to a tree and spray painted with the N-word by older kids.

In a 2005 book written by Charles Barkley, Woods said he was taunted at a young age by schoolmates because he was bi-racial.

The teacher, Maureen Decker, said the story is a complete lie and that she's been unfairly maligned.

Decker, who has hired lawyer Gloria Allred, wants a retraction and an apology.

'I was shocked, saddened and disappointed ... by his false accusations of racial abuse,' she told reporters during a news conference in Los Angeles.

Decker said that as a result, she suffered migraine headaches, high blood pressure and other ailments because it 'cast a shadow' on her and the school.

In the book, the story Tiger told includes the tale of when he was beaten down in the playground by a group of racist white kids.

'I became aware of my racial identity on my first day of school, on my first day of kindergarten. A group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word 'n-----' on me, and threw rocks at me. That was my first day of school. And the teacher really didn't do much of anything,' according to the book.

Decker said she has decided to address the issue five days after the book was released because she was not able to 'get through to' Woods."  continued
What a lying sack of sh** race baiter, this should really make him more of a hit on the 99.999999999999999 white PGA tour he's about to embark on. My bet is he doesn't finish it, any takers? He won't ever be able to win another tournament is my guess knowing most of the people out there have abandoned his "tour as token black man in the PGA". 

Tiger ruined it for himself and for all the young black kids who will never play golf because he couldn't keep his snake in the hole and thought they said "play 18 ho's not holes".


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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