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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jindahl Supporter Brennan’s Beatdown Continued: Piecing Together A Story (must see videos and more)

This would be your classic liberal anarchist pictured here

If you haven't heard about this it's because it's a "when liberal anarchist loons go wild" on steroids story and the media wouldn't touch it with someone else's d.. I mean video camera.

Talk about loon beatdowns this is the worst I've seen and this information needs to be spread around as the biggest problem Tea Party activists will face this summer will come from these out of control loons who are going to appear at these events and instigate liberal loon like bullshit, so beware of these dangerous ^&$^##'s and be informed about what we're up against in this county today.

It's 1968 all over again America, so wake up. All anyone not coping with a lobotomized brain can see the danger and violence seething from these leftist anarchists who have no lives and nothing therefore to lose who will be called out to combat the Patriots wherever we assemble, count on it.

What we need are our bad assed Military Motorcycle Patriots who drown out the Westboro nutjobbers to combat these leftist loons when things heat up this summer, which we can all count on occurring as Obama tries stirring up civil unrest to discredit and physically order attacks on the right if and when possible.

Here's another anarchist video from the Hayride blog down in "Nawlins" who's all over this racist attacks on Bobby Jindahl through intimidating his supporters and donors.

those animals remind you of the torch carrying mob scenes in Young Frankenstein and also in the movie Elephant Man, story of a real man named John Merrick? They're like "right out of Medeival times"  these liberal mobs can be, particularly when they get together solely to inflict their  violence and intimidation onto fellow American Citizens like that ?  

The contrast between a Tea Party Rally and these morons couldn't be more diametrically opposed, and yet the media can' t tell the freakin difference..... and that 's why we're out here trying to render them MOOT.

The Brennan’s Beatdown: Piecing Together A Story (Updated, 9:35 a.m

The Hayride: "Some eyewitness material from Mick Wright at the Tennessee Conservative Blog illuminates a little bit more about how a relatively peaceful protest outside the Hilton Riverside on Friday night turned into something a bit more sinister.

Wright, who was at SRLC, went out among the protestors outside the Hilton. He picked up the flier you’ll see at the left, and with it provides us with some fairly strong proof that the Iron Rail Book Collective was behind not just the Hilton Riverside protest but the “afterparty” at Brennan’s. 511 Marigny Street is the Iron Rail address. Wright says the handwriting on the flier came from a protester he also saw taking video of the demonstration, and states that this clip was what he was shooting:"  MUCH MORE HERE MUST CLICK!!!


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. The war is here and the war is here and now.  We are battling the Leftinistra Hate Machine.  Why?  Because the cowards in DC are unable to.  Why?  Because they are afraid and cannot get dirty.  I am somewhere between here and there seeing that I have vanished from society for a spell but I do have my laptop.

    I am at war.

  2. And I too sir.....they rattled the wrong cages and they're gonna feel the pain soon enough in a big way


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