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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Economic Stimulus Calculator | Figure Your 'Obamulus Porkulus' Beast of Burden

And seperating you and I from it, that's what the  Obama tribe is after.

Clever little calculator from the Fox News money section today I stumbled across in my daily travels as, check this, Recovery Act will cost 75 Billion more than estimated!! 

"Holy Shockaroni Batman, we've been Obambamboozled by the Joker!"  surprised not

Like we're shocked the numbers were sent to the CBO pre cooked so they came out smelling better than they looked? And then, "viola and boo ya"  comes Obama and friends, the Tax and Spenders' with the real cost, which is more in line with what it would cost to send 4 space shuttles packed to the brim with loons to the galaxy 3 trillion miles away from earth at which these liberals left their freaking minds at some juncture in recent time, like perhaps a weekend spent at Woodstock  on purple microdot.

 click the pic to check your Porkulus share
Economic Stimulus News and Video - FOX News Topics - FOXNews.com:

"Topic: Economic Stimulus"
Total Allocated Cost:
$862,000,000,000 *

In February 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In early 2009, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the Recovery Act's combined spending and tax provisions would cost $787 billion. In early 2010, CBO updated its estimate of the cost of the Recovery Act.

It now estimates that the Recovery Act will cost $75 billion more than originally estimated - CBO now anticipates that the 2009 Stimulus will increase deficits by $862 billion over ten years."
You give them your annual income and it "figger's out" how much of Obama's dic...er a how much taxes you're getting screwed for so turtles get a bridge over a highway, gays getting free ribbed anal condoms, Heroine addicts getting free platinum needles, you know the drill...
(okay I made that needle one up, it's really in Obamacare, Shiite you not)

Oh, and we're supposed to "trust" the CBO Obama care numbers too huh? Yea right, my Obama hating ass.

Everyone knows they plug in "cooked parameters" in order to achieve a needed result to sell this garbage to the people, and it always comes in 10 times higher than "anticipated". It's all part of the ongoing never ending conspiracy against against the country as a whole.  Frankly, I and the people I know can't believe they're getting away with all this blatant criminal activity, criminal in the constitutional sense at the very least and the financial sector.

They're looting the treasury like the wacky Iraqi's raided Saddam's palaces after the takedown.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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  1. Like Glenn Beck recently said on one of his shows, the last thing that's happened before the fall of every political system is preceded by the looting of the treasury and that's been completed with hardly a peep from the collective  citizenry and my feeling is theyr'e pushing the buttons to see how far they can go before the rednecks at heart and for real rise up and burn that place to the ground. Hasn't happened yet but it's getting closer to that do or die moment it appears.


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