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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dems Levin Acts Like "A Real SHITHEAD" While slamming Goldman Traders - Video - FoxNews.com

Anyone I repeat anyone falling for this show trial needs a serious head examination, and not a free Obamacare one, but the kind where they assign a whole team of white coats with rubber rooms and the most advanced MRI equipment in order to finally once and for all solve the age old mystery as to how it is we  can have so many humans walking the earth without any apparent functioning brain matter. 

Like this man.

Not to mention this foul mouthed senator Levin sounds more like a Ghetto rapper than a senator, and were he my senator I'd be on the phone until election day calling that office demanding an apology to all the women and children out there subjected to this *^%$#@_()*$#@'s dirty mouth.

Think he talks to his mother that way? If she does allow it's no wonder he's filth. My little brother and other relatives are investment bankers and they have nothing to do with this crud yet the liars like Senator Levin, Frank, Pelosi, Rangel, J Jackson, Roland Burris,( all proven liars and deviates from their past behavior, particularly Barney 'Elmer Pud' Frank who's humping buddy was running a gay whorehouse right out of their DC taxpayer funded apartment)  have no compunction painting the entire industry as crooks, when it's they who are the criminals and we'll all prove it to the world soon enough.

Pure scum.

Clueless and Classless Criminal  bums these lawmakerbreakers in this 111th congress are ..as if we really believe that these shysters in DC had nothing to do with this and this "fake browbeating" is going to make us take a big sigh of relief that they're getting to the bottom of this? !!!!

They should all be tried for a laundry list of crimes including burying a report stating they knew Obamacare won't lower costs and in fact will raise them and jeopardize coverage for the elderly and disabled of which I happen to one of the latter...and if found guilty, you the penalty for treason.

And causing a financial meltdown to effect an election by forcing the banking system to dole out bad loans to known deadbeats with the US Treasury which translates to OUR MONEY  is treason I, and they are guilty of it as we ALL KNOW IT


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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