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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daley: Giannoulias Should Stay in Race | Crooks of a feather.....

Daley and friends are such crooks they don't even hide it anymore, like Tuesday when King Mumbles  has a press conference where he encourages this embattled senatorial candidate Alex Giannoulias to keep on running (against my rep Mark Kirk) by the way, who's parents owned a bank named Broadway which he took over a while back and now claims he supposedly has nothing to do with any longer.

Yea right, and Obama's African American.

A man and his bank which are both on the verge of being indicted for all kinds of nefarious illegal loan activity, and ironically enough these dems stand up a crook even when it's running up towards the inevitable "Dem & Incumbent November Massacre"  formerly known as the 2010 mid term elections, which are essentially gonna render Obama neutered when we get done with this criminal crowd .

Meanwhile Daley's advice for Giannoulias to "cling on until they cuff your ass" (paraphrased ) is so typical of a democrat, especially while the just impeached liberal loon of all loons, ex governor  Rod Blagojevich is getting ready to stand trial. After that psycho I can't believe even this state would elect another democrat "AIDS walk  organizer" after these past couple years.

is that Higgins cartoon a spitting image or what? Ironically the 'toon is quite old but the picture is from yesterday!! Talk about a stone faced politician, man. It's frozen in that perfect "I didn't do anything wrong" look that he needs to use Daily, pun intended.

(read this little quote I kind of paraphrased of Daley in an Edward G Robinson voice and you'll get his attitude a little better!)

"Yeah Alex, don't let those dirty republican rats run ya outta the race over some piddly banking issues, just fuggettaboutit Alex, YOU'RE A DEM DAMMIT!  look what we pulled off on these idiots with that  half white Kenyan kid! Yea, that's it..just ignore them all, we run this show not them."

Daley: Giannoulias Should Stay in Race

NBC Chicago: "Mayor Daley Tuesday stood up for embattled Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias who is hearing rumblings that he should step aside because of his bank troubles.

When asked whether he agrees with those voice and thinks Giannoulias should step aside Daley said: 'Why should he?'

'He went through the primary, he knew the difficulties, that's up to him to answer,' Daley said.

'You forced one candidate out for Lt. Governor because you didn't like his profession or his personal life, so are we going to? It's interesting, really interesting how people go through a primary, and they have to step aside because we don't like what happened. Everybody knew that was happening to the bank, right? So why?'"  nbc5.com


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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