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Sunday, April 25, 2010

"America, The Story of Us" Starts on the History Channel Tonight

Note:  the show opens and Obama says the following "We CAN REMAKE this nation into something of our wildest dreams" so even on a show celebrating American History he rips America by insinuating it's US out here with the problem when it's him and his band of thieves. 

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America The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented.

History.com Videos: "America The Story of Us - Premieres Sunday April 25 at 9/8c"

History (TV channel)This goes for the next 6 weeks and might be worth throwing on the TV schedule if anything for the kids if you have them, and that includes the liberals who are still living with mom and dad at home in their 50's, (they, not their parents) as can even watch it together too, right in between dinner with the Porn Channel and the Prime Time Gay Family Channel.

Seems Newt Gingrich appears in man of the clips I watched and there's no better historian of America's real story, the one we were all taught while all the future "Woodstock libs" were cutting class, tuning in and dropping out and staying stoned ever since Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner that day.

Certainly not the " WE Hate Imperialistic America" version they're teaching in loony bin public day care center schools of today.

The rest of us can watch it to be reminded what it took to get to this juncture, and while  I'm sure it will show many of the failures in American history, it likely will not include our most recent one we're presently living through.

Tonight starts with the settlement of Jamestown where I spent some time as a kid growing up nearby, a few formative years up north in Charlottesville  and back for college for 4,  along with countless trips to DC and Colonial Williamsburg,  so I know the area and  history well.

It's all part of the culture and heritage there, or at least was.

We could still find musket balls and slave shacks still back in 1975 and 6 as 10 year olds in the deep woods around Monticello, it was awesome being in that area I thought, but my young parents kind of hated it.

We can take the time to compare it to our greatest moments and our greatest people that had the "family jewels" to come here and build this place from nothing,  doing whatever it took, and yes that  sadly in some ways meant taming the land from the indigenous wild Indians that were here before us who's land we did indeed steal. It's happened in every land during every period so we're no worse nor much better than most of the world's ancestors.

Certainly quickly becoming the most free and civilized, despite the roughest moments during the Revolution, the slavery, the Civil war of course, both then and now.

Doing so in about 100th of the time it took Europe to become the Muslim overrun failure it's now become. It should be good, and I'll be watching it and you can check clips of it at the link provided at the top..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeSunday, April 25, 2010

    Thanks for posting this, I will definitely have to TIVO this!

  2. YVW I knew some folks would be glad. I love history of this country because once known the truth of our exceptionalism when not filtered through rabid liberal Anti Americanism becomes  apparent from the arrival at Plymouth rock and onward which is where this starts tonight...

  3. You're more optimistic than me.  This is probably a hatchet job.  I hate the History Channel.  Let us know tomorrow how the first episode went.

  4. maggiesnotebookSunday, April 25, 2010

    Dang! I got here too late! I can catch the next one though, and I'm sure they will rerun it. I can't believe they would open with Obama and that comment. You're not kidding, are you? You've done a great job summarizing this series, Ray.

  5. I was going to watch the series, even looked foward to it. But when Obama appeared in the opening, I quickly switched the channel.  If he or that woman he married endorces or supports a cause, I will not support it at any time!

    Boycott Obama product!

  6. It did get much better though Katie and I would watch it...

    I said the same thing and actually counted the libs and conservatives as they were equal, minus Obama's appearance, and I'm an expert on the 13 Colonies and they were accurately depicting it ...

    I also was gonna switch when I saw Henry Louis Gates but he stayed on the script they probably gave him

    I also didn't like the Bank of America interjecting their 2 cents when the Bank of Boston which was the first chartered bank and later became what we now call Bank of Amigo...

    However they sponsored it which means we paid for it...


  7. Read if you would what I told Katie who's a local chickie down the road here in Loonland !! I'll watch it with something ready to switch to,,,I know the difference between propaganda and so far aside from some of he Henry Loiuis Gates commentary it was accurate and portrayed well for a " made for TV thing" It starts and you think it's like a drama but it's not.

    It's probably most suited for high school students but it's a good history refresher. I never watch this channel either although I love Oliver North's War Stories. I wish it was on a couple times a week,

  8. No I am not kidding, and I like Katie turned it off and then turnd it back on hoping to dissect the liberal lies but it was accurate so far.   Beer summit Henry Louis Gates is one of the narrators at least he was but he did what lines they fed him.  I'd watch it ...I did.

  9. I switched to the Discovery Channel's Stephen Hawkings special.  An excellent show with no Gates or Obama.


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