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Thursday, April 15, 2010

4/15/2010 Tax Day Tea Party Videos and News

This is a great video I stumbled across today in my internet journeys checking out various youtubes and accounts of the events taking place today including an entire hour this afternoon on Neal Cavuto's show, which featured all kinds of guests from there which included FLA governor candidate Rubio via video, along with the usual folks you would hope to see out there.

And they're doing a fine job getting that anti Obama 111th Tax and spend congress out there today 

YouTube - 4/15/2010 Tax Day Tea Party: "4/15/2010 Tax Day Tea Party"

There's so much stuff going on it's almost impossible to slop it all together as I'm seeing local stuff across the net you can't believe.  I'm really impressed in that to call this movement "loosely organized" is a mis-characterization if I ever heard one.  We're more organized than the government in many respects most involved will concur. Just because there's no national office to act as a black hole for the donors' money as the RNC is finding out, although I don't want them to be at a total disadvantage in comparison to the DNC scorched earth machine.

Look at the organization here in Washington at this Tea Party site, in Washington!! I've really been studying this all day long and the amount of information is absolutely overwhelming.

They must have an army in Obama land there on Pennsylvania avenue in the basement reading all this stuff, because America is "armed and dangerous" with peaceful protests even in liberal states like this one which used to be the heart of the heartland, now it's the Obamahole or bunghole if you prefer, same diff.!

There's two protests here in Chicago and that stuff you can start to check out here.

That's the Northwestern University website there I linked, that's like liberal loon central over there man!! It's everywhere if it's on that campus, honestly. That's almost as liberal as University of Chicago where you find the Ayers's and the Michelle Obama's hanging out before D DAY Jan 2, 2009/.

We also have Michelle Bachmann coming here to Oak Brook Illinois for an event which is west of Chicago proper, you can see about that below...It's a pay event but  I just may head out there with a buddy and check it out.

Please respond to rsvp@chicagorepublicanparty.com with the number attending.
The minimum donation is $75. Checks and credit cards will be accepted at the door.

As the evening progresses we'll add news as it appears across the Chicagoray Batcave wires here in Loonyville central in my liberal free bunker in Buffalo Grove Illinois pictured here  ; >)


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  1. Thanks for reading it no one else seemed to bother// I appreciate it Margie.

  2. Ray, this is a great wrap up.  Sorry I'm so late getting around to commenting.
    I just wrote my post on the Day's events and I linked you.  8-)

  3. Thank you so much and no apologies needed, we're all busy doing our things and thanks for thinking about me and I'll add your link to the post so future visitors can check it out  Bunnia


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