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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Source: Doc halted Jackson’s CPR to hide drugs- Perfect For ObamaCare Mad Dr.

Maybe he should be hired by the government so he too can be part of the wonderful Dr network for Obamacare when the pt needs to be extricated to make room for the next victim. Especially since he seems pretty good at "ending life" care as opposed to END OF LIFE care, just like the democrat politicians wish to do with the elderly and disabled and will with the coming "death panels", he'd make the perfect Dr Death according to the newest report.

Just goes to show that there's just as much slime in the medical profession as there is anywhere else if not more in this 10 year MS patient's opinion.

And furthermore, yet a little off topic, been to hospital lately?

It's like an English 101 class with everyone walking around spelling everything for each others because 90% of the NEW nurses and Dr's are freaking foreigners and comprehend English about as well as I've mastered Latin and Swahili.You'd think nurses and Dr.'s  would have to have decent if not entire command of the English language in order to practice here, but you'd be as wrong as Obamacare is.

In fact it's so bad It's a wonder half the people make it out of those places alive. And I know this first hand, I was a 911 dispatcher par time for 5 years while completely crippled until just recently recovering my ability to walk again, as I quit because I couldn't tolerate another single, solitary second of that miserable, unending crap!  And for that reason only.

Ttrying to help people you can't communicate with is like pulling teeth from a Teradactyl and I'd rather dive off Niagara falls than ever do that again in this "America owes us" day and age. F*** THEM ALL is what I say. Learn the language we use here and not just "where's the nearest currency exchange" and "where's the human services office and liquor store?"

Dr Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's Rip van winkle specialist
who's obviously not very good at it.
But here we have a man who's supposed to be Dr, a cardiologist no less,  and the first thing he does when the most well known person on planet earth is in cardiac arrest instead of administering CPR and calling 911 this asshole is running around sanitizing the scene of the crime, instead of saving his so called PT.

He should be charged with outright murder after these allegations.
Source: Doc halted Jackson’s CPR to hide drugs

msnbc.com: "LOS ANGELES - Michael Jackson's doctor halted CPR on the dying pop star and delayed calling paramedics so he could collect drug vials at the scene, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press that shed new light on the singer's chaotic final moments.

The explosive allegation that Dr. Conrad Murray may have tried to hide evidence is likely to be a focus as prosecutors move ahead with their involuntary manslaughter case against him.

The account was given to investigators by Alberto Alvarez, Jackson's logistics director, who was summoned to the stricken star's side as he was dying on June 25. His statement and those from two other Jackson employees also obtained by the AP paint a grisly scene in Jackson's bedroom."  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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