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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rangel stepping down from tax-writing chairmanship - Too Little Way Too Late

This is a freaking joke..leave of absence, gimme a break!!!!  Talk about abuses of power.. the WSJ has a piece titled just that which is a good read and is focused on "dems and reconciliation". Check it out after this one.(lol).

How long did this take? And he's still stomping around DC like he owns the place, when he should be removed from office entirely just for the things we know about, and for every one we do there's probably 20 we don't.

This House and Means chairmanship stripping is a big deal, but not big enough for this taxpayer. We'd be in jail if we pulled this and so should he.

This shouldn't stop here, he should now be charged and removed from office upon any convictions that arise, although at his age, (70) any man not entirely absorbed with the high living at "we the people's expense" down there on the "Gold Brick Road" of Washington would do the honorable thing and retire.  But democrats don't do the honorable thing and hang on for dear life when scandal erupts.....The problem with that is we're paying for all three options either way.

So he gets us coming and going and is laughing all the way to the Bahama's and back about this kid glove treatment I'm sure, I would be. Apparently he offered to resign and San Fran Nan wouldn't accept it, so there's another reason to kick her ass to the curb as well.

I've been ragging about this man on this blog since 2007 as you can see in this Rangel search of the blog, so much I've got about 10 different photoshops of the man and here's the best couple I think at least.....

That was a pic from the New York Post that I obviously added a few things to although it was funny enough it's native state when they first broke this scandal about 3 years ago!!!!!

Here's Rangel and how he treats "we pee-ons" out here in the real world who he happens to work for, like this Hot Air Reporter from a post I did 2 years ago on this fat, corrupt  f**k.

 And then finally this one which is what I hope someday Club Gitmo will look like when this administration and crooked as a creek 111th congress is finally removed from office, as I've always been for keeping it open just for this reason, just so our politicians who go astray of the law could all be sent there for their retirements.

At least it's in the tropics and we all know now that Rangel loves it down there. And Obama would love it too since he too was supposedly born in Hawaii.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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